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I got a long review of some shows Friday night with photos coming soon. Meanwhile, here's some CD reviews we've been meaning to get to for a while:

The first time I saw Ani Cordero it was behind the drum kit in local act Number One Family Mover. Her smile and the joy with which she played was bewitching. A couple of years later she moved out to Arizona or somewhere, I dunno, maybe it was Utah. These days she has an act named after herself, Cordero, in New York City and a new album, Somos Cordero, due out in March. Local label Daemon Records sent us a copy to review.
I enjoyed their first CD, Lamb Lost in the City, smooth loungey rock mixed in with random tracks en Espanol over a Latin beat. Sonomos Cordero offers more of the same but with a hard to put your finger on difference. The rock edge is a tiny bit rougher, which is nice, but Aniís voice is still soft and smooth, making for a nice contrast. The Latin numbers sound like their oozing out of a smoky basement club in a Hollywood movie, one of those places that doesnít really exist but you wish it did. Cool and hot at the same time. Some have a melancholy theme, such as Come Out With Me Tonight:
If youíre going to end it all
Come out with me tonight
Drown yourself in alcohol
Might as well have a good time
If youíre going to end it all
Whatís just one more night?
I wonít try and change your mind
Just come and say goodbye
Not all the songs are downers though. Some are peppered with horns and spicy percussion, but even then Aniís voice is ghostly, giving all the tracks sort of a dreamy, sleepy tone. Itís good stuff.
For more on Cordero, check out

I also got a CD from Abyss, a local act thatís been pestering us to come to their shows. Itís just a 4 song demo but itís enough to get the gist. Thereís not a lot of subtlety here Ė simple power-chord-heavy heavy metal with vocals that are a little more discernable and a little less monotone than most stuff in the hardcore genre. It sounds like thereís only one guitar in there, which makes things sound less muddy than most metal, but they donít do quite enough with the guitar. Maybe Iím just too old for this sort of stuff. If youíre into the hard stuff and want to support the local heavy/hard/hardcore scene definitely give Ďem a try, or check out their site at

Degenerate CP did some editor-baiting last episode and though Iím unskilled at rational debate, Iíll bite. Then Iíll let CP off the mailing list. Yeah, thatís rude, but I hate to let another man get the last jab.

CP: I unsubscribed, yes. I still got an email of the recent ezine. And saw a response from MM. Before thinking, I did this:

DP: Hey, thatís ok, we didnít put any thought into this mess either. Heck, the publication, the whole publication HOUSE, started on a thoughtless whim. But we donít let that stop us, or you, from shooting our mouths off, do we?

CP: Gay Marriage: Yes, a large part of the debate IS about non-married benefits. Look at the MA debate right now. They're attempting to ban, with provisions for civil partnership benefits. John Edwards opposes marriage but is all in favor of benefits for partners. Again, I ask the question: who would determine a civil partnership? If you are the owner of a small business, do you savor the thought of being forced to insure someone's significant other just because two people swear that it's the case? You think benefits are going to be denied MORE people in that case? Yep. Businesses will just stop coverage for ANY partner, married or not. But it's going to be okay. Because the democratic candidates would have you believe that everyone will have free healthcare. Of course out the other side of their mouth they complain about the cost of what little benefits did get passed last year. Money never plays into the picture for anyone but an incumbent.

Evidently, Bush HAS acted in the interest of the majority. That's what an approval rating over 50% means. And if this were not your first or second closely-followed election, you would know that polls pitting an incumbent who has yet to begin campaigning against actively campaigning opponents are notoriously skewed.

DP: UhÖ since when does the majority opinion make it RIGHT? Fuck, the majority of people supported slavery at one time. The majority of people favored denying blacks the vote after that, and women after than. Crap, the majority of people thought reelecting Nixon was a swell idea.
And since when does some potential financial impact make it right? Crap, slavery was profitable. Making addictive, life-threatening drugs is profitable. Even cigarettes are profitable. Should we allow injustice merely because itís possibly financially prudent? No, fuck that.
The problem here is church has gotten entangled with politics and government. My father and I were discussing it last weekend and he made some excellent points. Churches can still, no matter what government edict comes down, refuse to marry someone based on their gender, their religion, their fashion or whatever. They are private institutions.
You want your church wedding, find a church thatíll do it. You want the same rights granted every other citizen by the government, you SHOULD be able to apply for the legal certificate and have Ďem. I donít give a shit if we call it ďcivil unionĒ or ďmarriageĒ as long as, in the eyes of the LAW, they are the same thing. So if all you hetero folks wanna get hitched, you can get ďmarriedĒ at the church of your choosing and a ďcivil unionĒ certificate at the courthouse. But if you INSIST on the government calling it ďmarriageĒ on your courthouse-granted certificate, then shut up and let everyone play by the same rules. Separate is not equal, despite what the majority think. Fortunately, the courts occasionally are of use in such cases. Unfortunately, thereís enough right wing power in this country right now that it wouldnít surprise me if they could swing a constitutional amendment to get around the court and those ďactivist judges.Ē

CP: The fact that people are making up their minds about the leader and defender of the United States based on what they read in degenerate press scares the pee out of me. Iíll read it when it again provides where to go and what to do, not Creative Loafing-like self justification (no offense mr. Dictator, sir. Although, now that itís come up, Iím beginning to doubt your very title as potentate now that youíve let political discourse run rampantly over your much-welcomed anarchy of taste.)

DP: UhÖ A) It would tickle the hell out of me if I thought for one moment this little ezine had any sway in the minds of voters. B) Unfortunately, I doubt it does.
We occasionally get a heated debate going here and I have yet to hear of it changing a single personís mind on ANY topic. I cannot believe the ramblings of a few lefty lunatics are going to amount to a single change on a ballot. But hey, if you wanna get reactionary and run off in a huff because you canít handle the mangled truth, so be it. But if you think this thing is so powerful, why not use it for good instead of all the evil weíre apparently doing? Crap, I print just about anything, right, left or neither.
On a related note, I do want to mention that we DO print just about anything. If any subscriber submits something and it doesnít get run itís 98% likely I just forgot it or lost it. 1% chance it didnítí get here. The remaining 1% is usually just too large a sampling of another publication. I donít mind a URL, but I donít want to re-run entire articles here, so feel free to submit any and all commentary on any political system, burlesque show, social structure, concert, economic policy, or just random jokes.

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