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You didn't ask for it, but we went and did it anyhow - a revamp of the Degenerate Press home page! 
We're working on some pruning and spring cleaning of sorts, getting rid of outdated content we're too lazy to update and such. But let us know if this new design works on your machine. We're getting a bit more high-tech and cutting edge technology often results in blood loss.
While you're at it, check out the review of last week's King Johnson show and a swing by the Dixie Rockabilly Rumble: 

The editor’s rant last week drew some praise from degenerates such as MBF:

FYI – did you know that the amendment is going to the house to vote this week? Yeppa and they have nearly all the votes needed to turn our backs on a segment of our community-building, tax-paying, family-raising society. I wonder how many payroll hours have been spent on this piece of paper? Don’t you just love all the time and tax money being spent on this amendment? Lord knows it’s a good chunk of my paycheck and my “gay” pals down in Midtown, Cobb County, Roswell, etc…that are paying for it. Hey – it’s also money spent from the uptight, conservative “I can’t think for myself” average joe’s out there too!
You’d think if anything would strike a chord with these guys/gals, is how much of our tax money is going to re-enforce a “second-class” citizen status on, when it comes down to it….other tax payers.
BS, that’s what I say.


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