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No, we did NOT send out an email that reads:

Your e-mail account will be disabled because of improper using in next
three days, if you are still wishing to use it, please, resign your
account information.

Someone out there has a virus (it may even be us) that’s causing this. DO NOT open the attachment if you received that email! As I’ve said a thousand times, we NEVER send attachments and we’ll always let you know if we’ve changed addresses, so if you receive either an attachment that says it’s from Degenerate Press or an email from anyone other than the dictator just delete it and move on with your life.
By the way, why can't people who can design incredible viruses that spread worldwide and damage or disable thousands of computers use proper grammer?

Got this from Suellen, the pollster for the weekly Drive Invasions:

Just wanted to drop you a note since I always get a few inquiries about the
Drive Invasion once the weather starts warming up. We've always waited
until April to crank up the weekly event because that's when they open all
six screens and when the evenings warm up a bit. Right now the Starlight
is still on their winter schedule with only three screens running. In the
old days when we kept the Drive Invasion rolling all year, we found that we
ran out of worthy choices before the three movies rotated. The plan is to
get the weekly gathering cranking once they open all the screens which is
usually mid-April. Until then, here's a little tidbit to look forward to.
The first Mondo Movie Nite of the season will be Sunday, April 18th with
"The Thing" and "Forbidden Planet." Anyone wanting to be added to the
Tuesday evening Drive-Invasion list can email me at
Looking forward to joining you under the stars and watching the big screen
at the Moreland Avenue Starlight Drive-In!

We also got several responses from folks who voted to keep the Tuesday tradition and only one vote for Wednesday. If you’re interested, email Suellen.

The Cogburns, The Lids, The Subsonics at The Earl, and Love Scene, Michelle Malone, Trailer Bride at Echo Lounge:

Degenerate JDP sent us this response to our desubscribe command:
“The unsubscribe command for this broadcast is ‘Gays should not be allowed to marry.’”
1. Speaking of ironic names, and from the political party that brought you congressmen Swindall and DeLay: You'd think someone named Dick Armey would be FOR gays in the military.
2. And the thought for the day: "A battle of wits with the Bush Administration is asymmetrical warfare."

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