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Several degenerates wrote in to warn me against declaring it spring, citing a chilly forecast for Atlanta in the coming week. I don’t consider temperature the only spring omen. Spring is also indicated by flowers, MTV spring break specials, and that combination of hormone-induced mania and allergy-induced snot that wakes me up at 4 AM every day unable to breath and unable to go back to sleep. So as I lay there, noticing how many more birds are chirping outside than in previous weeks, considering what lies ahead of me in my day to day life, instead of wishing I could just sleep through it all as I do in winter, I dream of running amok, jumping in a plane, train or automobile, speeding off to some foreign land, raping, pillaging, only barely living to tell about it, and you, loyal reader, get to live vicariously through my meager creative expression!
That, or you could get off your ass and get out once in a while.
Yeah, I got the spring fever alright…

Due to strep throat and a sinus infection, we're running a little behind here at Degenerate Press HQ. But even so, the show must go on, mustn't it?
Got a full report coming on a swell show at Paris on Ponce for Hollis Gillespie’s book singing shindig with Kingsized and Dames A’flame, coming soon. Sorry, but instead of sitting around downloading the photos, writing up a few clever quips, and uploading the whole mess, we sat in the yard soaking up rays and debating what projects to tackle next on the T-bird and apartment.

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