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This is in no way work-friendly. Seriously.
Itís also packed with pictures and may take a while to download. Iíve tried to break it down across multiple pages, but sometimes to see the nitty gritty detail you just have to have a big picture.
Read at your own risk.

We got this in response to last episode:

>>Sheesh, did we ever stick our foot in it:

One of my co-workers (a Bush supporter, but with a sense of humor [oxymoron? certainly a moron]), says, "How can you say Bush hasn't accomplished anything in Iraq. He's actually managed to bring the Shiites and Sunnis together. Who would have ever though that would happen?"

I laughed my ass off at that one!!
Degenerate JH

In other news, check this link degenerate GS sent us: 
You can send him all sorts of commands and heíll follow an impressive number of them.

Degenerate SW was kind enough to jot down this review:
I finally ventured forth and saw Mel Gibson's "Passion." What's there for me to say that hasn't already been said? What could I possibly contribute that would sway your opinion anyway? So in lieu of a lame movie review, I encourage you to read Matt Stone and Trey Parker's "The Passion of The Jew." It provides the best commentary and sums up my opinion (I agree with Stan & Kenny).
Man leaving movie: I think if more people saw "The Passion" they'd have faith in Jesus.
Woman leaving movie: Yeah, it really guilt-trips you into believing.

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