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No, we didn’t send out a message with an attachment. Someone has a virus that is spoofing our email address. We’re getting copies of it too. Nothing we can do about it ‘cept continue to clean our machine regularly, which we do. Why don’t you? We’ve also changed the list alias so maybe we’ll fake out the bug, but it’s likely to continue to haunt us until you clean up your act!

Mondo Movie season at Starlight Drive In kicked off Sunday with The Thing and Forbidden Planet. Unfortunately, the T-bird didn’t want to go. It was due to go back into the shop for A/C issues and a few other minor problems, but decided it would rather stay home with transmission problems. Stay tuned for news on that front.
So we shoved everything into the truck instead and headed to the drive in. 1951’s The Thing had some technical problems and was nearly inaudible, but provided dozens of jokes about coffee. Every scene seemed to end with “Hot coffee, anyone?” As with most monster movies of the time, there’s about an hour of dull build up and only a few seconds of monster thrown in at the end before he’s killed by electricity.
Forbidden Planet has to be one of the prettiest films of all time, even more so for 1956. Many sets and effects are clearly the inspiration for Star Wars, and the plot and characters seem to be direct ancestors of Star Trek. Way ahead of its time, yet still pretty damn dull. It, too, provided ample opportunities for heckling and I kept waiting for Leslie Neilson to bust out with “And don’t call me Shirley.”
Regardless, the weather was perfect, there were plenty of cool cars to ogle, a few hot bods of other sorts to ogle, the smoke of a dozen grills wafting across the lot, and a cooler full of beer in the truck – what more could a degenerate want?

A recent headline on read "Bush, Blair affirm June 30 Iraq handover."
At first I read it as "hangover" and thought "Wow, CNN is finally saying it like it is!"
I feel sorry for the people in that country. They didn't ask for Saddam to be in charge and they didn't ask for Bush either, but the parade of charade continues. It'll be fascinating to watch what happens next, in the same way it's fascinating to watch viscious dogs fight over the bloody corpse of a slain animal.

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