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Heck, break both of ‘em while you’re at it. The Georgia Shakespeare Fest cranks up in June, but tickets go on sale today at

We missed the usual Tuesday jaunt to the drive in to catch up with friends of Shelly from Texas, The Gourds, a band from Austin that plays stuff labeled "Americana" these days. So Thursday we headed to Starligtht Drive In to catch up with Quentin Tarantino and Kill Bill Vol. 2.
I thought Vol. 1 was way over the top, and not always in a good way. Too much gore, to much wire-fu action, light on the plot. Vol. 2 more than makes up for it, with too much plot and not enough action. Rumor has it the studio came up with the idea of breaking this into two films to make more money, both because it's two films for the cost of one and because it's hard to get people to sit through a four hour film. I don't have a problem breaking the work into chapters, but I could've put together a better two films from this, or even one good one, or even a good mini-series. After Vol. 1, you figure the stage is set for even more action, so the few fights in Vol. 2 are a bit of a let down. During Vol. 1 you're a bit confused about who's who and what's going on, but by the end you've pretty much figured it out, making all the backstory in Vol. 2 feel a bit pointless.
I'd love to get my hands on the two films on DVD and burn them down to my own "mix tape" kinda thing. THAT I could watch multiple times. As Quentin and the studio released the films, I can't even recommend 'em, except as drive in fare.

OK, this is getting *&^%$ ridiculous:
"People looking for the low-carb lifestyle should head toward big cities on the coasts rather than the "breadbasket" in the Midwest, according to a new ranking of America's top 10 low-carb cities. " 

BBC ran an article about 30 years of Dungeons and Dragons:

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