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"A fool... is a man who never tried an experiment in his life."
Erasmus Darwin, 1792

It’s tradition here at Degenerate Press to announce our demise every year on April Fools, just to see if anyone cares. Yet again we’re amazed someone does! Here’s a sampling of those who knew better:

Ha ha ha, never again will you get my on april fool’s day, Frederick!!!
Degenerate MBF

Your new April Fool's joke is your best one yet!
I actually believed it right up until you mentioned taking down the site at the end of the week.
Degenerate GN

good one. and you even did a little plan-ahead priming. this time, i hope you're april fool's joke has some truth to it. i can't imagine anything more amusing than fred noble on atlanta's city council.
Degenerate AH

Not this time, buddy. After getting burned twice I think of April 1st as
'Watch Out for Frederick's Pranks" Day. Good one though. I really
appreciate the pre-prank buildup.

But for every long-time subscriber that knew better, there was some newbie or even a few old suckers out there who bought it hook, line and sinker:

I can’t believe that I wasn't fooled last year but I was this year. I asked Lea if she had seen your "announcement" and she said, "Yeah. What day is it?" "Uh, Thursday." "What's the DATE?" "Doh!"
It's too bad really. I'd love to see the shit that got slung at you. Taking down your website wouldn't be enough to keep the scandal hounds from figuring out that you are a Degenerate. Given the right demographic in your District, you might have a shot though. You certainly can't be accused of being a career politician...
Degenerate JH

Good luck! Guess this Fantasm will have to be a big blowout for you, and a
good time to kick off your campaign. Hey, run for Mr. Fantasm with this as
your talent!
Degenerate AG

Wow! Good luck to ya! Having registered to vote in ATL's District 3, I could
have voted for you, but have relocated to Gwinnett County.
Degenerate MB

Do I smell a benifit show for your campain??????
The Cogburns are in if you need us!!!!!!!!!!!

Thus begins another year of brainstorming our next April Fools joke. Unfortunately, the DP archives are incomplete and only go back so far, but it’s still fun to look back and remember the time the FBI shut us down, the time we sold the whole thing to Jeff Clark, or the time we got a job in Italy and didn’t come home.

"With U.S. troops still having to battle insurgents and defend themselves, the job of protecting everyone else in Iraq—from journalists to government contractors to the U.S. administrator in Iraq, L. Paul Bremer—is largely being done by private security companies stocked with former soldiers looking for good money and the taste of danger. Pentagon officials count roughly 20 private companies around the world that contract for security work, mainly in combat areas. They are finding plenty of it in Iraq. Scott Custer, a co-director of Custer Battles, based in Fairfax, Va., says as many as 30,000 Iraqis and "several thousand expats" are working for private outfits in Iraq. Security contractors make a lot more than the average soldier, but last week's events suggest that they may also be turning into more attractive targets for insurgents. "If they can chase us out," says Custer co-director Mike Battles, "then in a void, they become more powerful.""
From a Time Magazine article,,9171,1101040412-607775,00.html?cnn=yes
My question is this: would YOU work for a company called "Custer Battles"??

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