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Sheesh, did we ever stick our foot in it:,8599,608113,00.html?cnn=yes 
Y'know, I thought we went into this for the wrong reasons. Now I think we're going about it the wrong way. And I'm beginning to think we shouldn't have gone at all. That region has been a cluster fuck since the Brits carved it up and split back in the 1930's. Why the American public thought we could waltz in there and get these people to get along with us, and each other, is beyond me. I fear we're on the bring of anarchy in that country that'll make Saddam's corrupt, deceitful, totalitarian regime seem wise.
But I may be jumping the gun, so to speak. I still hold out hope that in the long run this may be better for the Iraqi people. Of course I ain't voting for the corrupt, deceitful, totalitarian regime that got us there come November...

Saw Hellboy at the drive in on Tuesday with the rest of the Drive Invaders. It's sort of Ghostbusters, Men In Black, and X-Men all rolled up into one. It's not as dark as I'd hoped, but it's got plenty of funny jokes and slimy monsters duking it out. Worth seeing if you're into that kind of thing, especially at the drive in.
No other news to report. We're hastily assembling silly outfits, copious amounts of booze, Degenerate Press publications and such in preparation for Fantasm. Look for a full report next weekish, if you're too weakish to attend yourself!

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