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Last Thursday your editor did a shift of volunteer work at 89.3 WRFG for their spring pledge drive. If you were unlucky enough to be listening, you might have heard my nervous first words to be broadcast via the airwaves as I assisted the DJ during the Sagebrush Boogie show. Johnny Knox was also live on air telling tales of rockabilly artists past and present. He brought along a stack of his favorite rockabilly recrods and we had a swell time.
If you ain't from around here you can catch WRFG online at 

“I’m the best suck and the best fuck you’ve ever had,” she said with more than a hint of resentment in her voice.
“You were ok, but you ain’t that great,” I thought to myself, but there was no use in saying it out loud. You can’t argue with a crazy person. I should know, I’ve spent my life arguing with the craziest.
So we said our goodbyes and she went off in pursuit of her ex-boyfriend again. I was glad she had someone else to fixate on. Glad our fling had only lasted a few weeks.
My roommate later asked, “How do you keep finding the crazy ones?!?”
I thought about that for a moment, then answered, “You ever met a woman that wasn’t?”
He thought about that for a minute, then answered, “No. No, I haven’t.”

Random memories resurrected after running into an old fling that now lives down the street.

On they had this little poll on Tuesday: Is torture ever justified during interrogation?
I figured there might be a few idiots out there who'd vote yes, but:

Yes: 47% 87724 votes
No: 53% 99835 votes
Total: 187559 votes

I wouldn't have guessed half the fuckin' population. I wonder how many of these 87,000 people would submit themselves to torture if arrested for a crime?

Friday night we intended to catch the last day of an art show at Radial Café, only to find out the place is only open for breakfast and lunch and the opening night gala had been a one-time affair – they ain’t open in the evenings normally.
So we changed plans and everyone assembled at Thinking Man Tavern in Decatur. The place was mostly empty due to the hordes of cattle at Mediocre Midtown, so we had plenty of room for our large party. The service was friendly and generally attentive, but the food was a little disappointing. They’ve tried to dress up their typical bar food menu with a few fancier dishes, but nobody seemed impressed with any of the wide variety of dishes ordered. On the other hand, they have a nightly beer special, “The Starving Artist,” which happened to be Warsteiner for a mere $2.
I can’t say what crowd the place normally draws, though if you know anything about Decatur you can probably guess. They also have a patio area for nice weather lounging so if you’re in the neighborhood looking for a pint of good beer at a good price, eat somewhere else then swing over to Thinking Man Tavern.

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