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Courtesy of degenerate SW:
As usual, we had a ball at the weekly drive-invasion. "Day After Tomorrow" is a ridiculous movie with brilliant special effects. The general story isn't so bad - global warming causes de-salinization of the oceans which affects temperatures in the Atlantic creating huge storm systems. Ya have to suspend your disbelief A LOT to swallow the plot line that these storms rise up within a few days. But all of that folly is bearable; I can handle the departure from reality. But the film is packed with these retarded subplots involving a search for penicillin, burning classic books, escaped wolves (yes, wolves), a boy with cancer, political disputes, and a love story / triangle / rivalry that never takes hold. There's even a chase scene where the actors are actually outrunning A COLD FRONT. You can see a misty freeze chasing them around NYC. It's incredibly laughable. But that's what seeing movies at the drive in is for. It's about balls-out laughing at the most ridiculous plot points and sharing the joke with your friends. We laughed a lot during "DAT", but not as much as during "Troy" which still holds first place as this summer's most absurd blockbuster.
Just wait until "King Arthur"!

Got a few other reviews waiting in the wings but I wanted to get this one up before I head off for a bachelor party, rehearsal dinner, wedding, then back for the big show at Starlight Drive In on Sunday afternoon.
Bubbapalooza 13:

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