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We had a swell time at the drive in Sunday with a full afternoon of bands, burlesque, big monsters and b-movies. We took a few pictures so we'll probably assemble a little review sometime this week, along with a mess of other stuff we've been neglecting. Meanwhile, here's some recent email:

Despite how much you bewail and apologize for your frequent slackness, you
have reached a new level. For someone of your taste in alt/twang/rock not to
list in prophesy Webb Wilder, with Dodd Ferrelle and Blake Rainey opening, at the Dork House(10 High) Sat 6/12 costs you great face.
degen SK

Editorís note: I responded to SK directly about this, but then I realized I should probably mention it in publication so others who question our choices can get a glimpse behind the scenes at Degenerate Press. I donít mean this in any mean spirited way, itís just a little sample of our twisted logic.
First off, I hate 10 High, formerly The Dark Horse Tavern Dungeon. I go once every three years or so, after Iíve forgotten the last experience I had there, and remind myself why I never see shows there. The place smells like a sewer. Thereís nowhere to sit. I canít stand on my flat feet for two hours on concrete any more. The drinks are overpriced and difficult to get in the swarm of yuppie swine that cram into the joint. Itís a bummer because they do get some good shows from time to time.
Secondly, we saw Webb Wilder in Jackson, MS, and werenít impressed. In fact, we walked out halfway through the show and stumbled into a much better show in a bar across the street. Webb just couldnít hold our interest with his mediocre rootsy rockabilly/country stuff, but that was back in the day when you could catch a fantastic local act doing the same type of stuff just about any night of the week here in Atlanta, so our standards in that pigeonhole were high.
Dodd Ferrelle and Blake Rainey have sent us CDís that were really interesting, if I recall correctly, but theyíre local, again if I recall correctly, so we wonít recommend any show at 10 High that youíre likely to be able to catch anywhere else anytime soon.
We say it in the Infrastructure section every episode, but here it is again: we only post shows we recommend, shows worth the drive across town, worth the cover charge, worth paying too much for drinks, worth the goddamn second hand smoke, worth staying out too late, worth the occasional hearing loss, and in most clubs in this town Ė worth standing on fucking concrete for two hours Ďcause nobody seems to want to put seats in a club, even in the back where thereís nobody standing anyhow.
And if you go to a show we recommend and you didnít think it was worth it, weíll return the cost of this publication, heck, weíll return ten times the price you paid for our opinion.

SK sent us this response:
I could discuss WW (WAY loud by his own hand!) later, but Dork House actually
sounded pretty good a few times this year . Alas, Curtis recently moved over
to 9 Lives, which I always hated. The bright side is that DH didn't get worse
as much as 9Lives got better.
Dork House has 4 Bel Air Studios (Jason NeSmith) recorded bands Sat 6/5. The
evil Casper Fandango himself precedes Charm School, Ceiling Fan, & Homeroom.
Show starts "promptly" at 9:30. Rock and Roll time ain't what it used to be
since the city stepped in to protect everybody.
Degen SK

So Reagan is dead. While the networks wax sentimentally about him, I have to provide some minor dissent. Hey, itís what we do!
The man had charisma, no denying that. And itís become apparent that only after a disaster like Nixon could a good, honest man like Carter get elected, and look where that got him. And Iíd say he was the only good, honest man weíve had in that office in close to 50 years. Carter lost reelection in part due to the theft of his notes for the debate by the Reagan team. In part due to the deal the Reagan team made to keep the hostages in Iran. Then when elected, the Reagan team pardoned their own agent in the illegal activities just as Ford pardoned Nixon. Reagan built up the cold war to the point where we had enough nuclear weapons on the planet to turn the place into a ball of glass something like 12 times over. He was clearly suffering from Alzheimerís during his second term, was following the advice of astrologists, was apparently asleep at the wheel while his administration waged secret wars all over the globe, and yet because he could do it with a confident smile America loved him.
This is why Bush II is in office, and why Kerry still struggles despite things like Bush being AWOL from the guard, election fraud, Enron and the manufactured California energy ďcrisis,Ē ignoring warnings about 9/11, flying home his Saudi friends when nobody else could fly, the Patriot Act, lying to the UN and the American people about Iraqi WMDís, Haliburton and war profiteering, lying about the estimated costs of the war, exposing CIA agents for political revenge, invading Iraq without a viable plan for the aftermath, having assholes like Rumsfeld who covered up the torture of POWís for three months, and this is just the stuff we KNOW about.
Yet flash a confident smile and the American people will eat shit like itís caviar.
So Iíd like to thank Reagan for recent and timely historical precedence for the shit pie weíre swimming in now.
Eat one for the Gipper!

We got this from degenerate SS in response to last episode:

Yeah, I suppose you're right about the ridiculousness of The Day After
Tomorrow, but it was a small price to pay for the leftist overtones being
brought to the unsuspecting masses. I went to see The Day After Tomorrow
the day after it opened at North Dekalb Mall. It doesn't get much more
painfully mundane than North Dekalb Mall. We were late and could only find
three seats in the front row. The brat next to me kept making very loud
sucking noises on his sour fucking candy. Kids, you know I love 'em. It
was a mess. Cram packed full of the masses and their offspring. But the
people actually laughed loudest and cheered best at moments when one would
least expect them to. I was pleasantly surprised. A massive, collective
cheer went up during the "Mexican Border" scene as the news report claimed
that Americans were being turned away at border stops and denied entry into
the country. Ha ha! And the crowd laughed uproariously when Americans
were depicted attempting to cross the Rio Grande "backwards" INTO Mexico.
People were actually laughing. Loudly. It was awesome. I SAID ha ha!
Could it be? Finally a public collective response towards some sort of
glimmer of conciousness?! Bravo, middle America, bravo.
Now recycle or die.

Editorís note: I have to wonder if this film did as much harm as good by making global warming seem like such an unbelievable joke. But I donít think any propaganda will affect human behavior on a scale large enough to matter. Only when we are inconvenienced by environmental damage will we consider changing our patterns of destruction.

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