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Courtesy of degenerate LW:

Before I rant a bit, just want to point out that I am non-partisan. My comments reflect my irritation over certain people, not their politics.
I assert that the Democrats who are calling Arnold Schwarzenegger homophobic for his referral to certain politicians as "girlie men" are, in fact, themselves homophobic. Anyone older than 12 would recognize the girlie man reference as being from the Saturday Night Live bodybuilding duo of Hans and Frans. The girlie men that they were talking about are weaklings...that was the point.
The fact that these folks in California are now calling The Governator homophobic proves only that THEY are the homophobes. After all, THEY are the ones equating homosexuals with being "girlie". Arnold only called the lawmakers weaklings, these whiney assholes are calling gay men girlie. I guess they've never met any masculine gay men (they do exist for any of you out there who may be of the same moronic disposition as these California idiots). I wish that someone would point this out in the media. So far they've only laughed at them for not being able to take a joke. I think they should be chastized for being homophobic.
That will be all.
Degenerate LW

Editor’s response: Only a girlie man would yell “sexist homophobe” when called a girlie man. I am a leftist myself, utterly non-sexist or homophobic, but I have to say – what a bunch of pussies. Come on, ain't you got something real to complain about out in California??
In other news, I got this link of a degenerate’s online journal: 
Assuming it's true, I don't find the fact that W flipped someone off disturbing, (believable based on other stories I've read about his personal interaction off-camera) but the part about the cops arresting protesters for reenacting scenes from Iraq prisons is deeply bothersome. I wonder on what charges? If its indecent exposure, you could get around this for the next protest by using the big hooded robe thing they had the guy wearing while on a box with wires attached to his outstretched arms. Crap, I'm tempted to do that one myself.

The Mondo Movie this month probably didn’t get the advanced press it deserved. Few showed up to rock the afternoon away to the super tight sounds of The Derek Scott Band. Degenerate SG said, “This 8-piece band which included three horn players and a great singer played everything from Isaac Hayes to James Brown.” They did a great job of covering 60’s and 70’s soul and funk classics. Afterward, Rudy Ray Moore, AKA Dolemite, did a few not-quite-R-rated bits and promoted his upcoming film, The Dolemite Explosion. As the sun set, we were treated to a preview of the film (which looks incredibly bad, and hilarious), as well as the usual set of fun trailers.
I complained about the pacing of Shaft, but others tried yet again to convince me films of that era were just slower than today’s films. I countered by mentioning several blacksploitation flicks of the era with much more action, despite the lower budgets.
The second feature, Superfly, proved me right starting with the opening scene. The film is worth seeing for the fashion and cars alone. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stick around until the bitter end and split sometime around the main character’s 30th snort of coke, 20 minutes into the film.
Tonight we’re headed back to the drive in for Anchorman. It looks cute and the weather has been perfect so if you’re looking for a pleasant distraction this evening, load up the lawn chairs and cooler and head to the drive in.

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