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Tiki Torch Night at Trader Vic's, Gods of Mars, Gonzalez, Super X-13 at the Star Bar:

This one against media consolidation, by Ted Turner himself:
Thanks to degenerate WW for posting that on his online journal.

In funnier news, has some hilarious posters and t-shirts:

Speaking of funny, we got a couple of comments regarding last episode:
The REAL question is, after referring to the California Legislature as, "girlie-men," did Arnold then proceed to try and grope them?
Degenerate JDP

Thank you for putting the girlie man quote into context for us southern folk. Out here we call them Pussy fart's..I am also a leftist who completely hates Kerry. Couldn't they find someone better? I mean another spoiled rich guy who has no ties to the common man in office. Why bother? Did you know that Hienz Ketchup was made in Mexico and not in the U.S. Don't you think he could at least get one Hienz factory over here by now? Kerry quote, "I will bring jobs!", utter bullshit! Thank keep up the good work,
Degenerate KH

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