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We opted to skip the drive in weekly vote of White Chicks in favor of Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 at Midtown Art. It's a powerful film that strives to make both detailed and sweeping statements, with mixed results in both. SW aptly labeled it "uneven." But despite it's occasional failings, it's definitely worth seeing. Sure, it'll probably only be seen by those who don't like Bush anyway. And I don't believe there are "swing voters" in this country any more. A recent poll somewhere showed something like 95% of people have already decided who they're going to vote for and this film isn't likely to sway anyone. But you should still see it. Currently Bush and Kerry are pretty even in the polls. Yeah, the election is months away, but it's impressive that Bush could fall so far despite the rampant fear and stupidity in this country. With a close election, even a few swing voters might count.
But more importantly are those who've decided who they'd vote for, IF they bother to get off their asses and vote. And this film will definitely encourage those of us on the anyone-but-Bush bandwagon to ride it to the polls this fall. No, I don't think Kerry is anything special, but sometimes you've gotta weed out the more vicious beasts from the pack. So get out there and see it, get out there and register to vote, and get that vicious bastard out of office before he turns this country into the very thing he claims to be fighting - a country full of poor people in constant fear of freedom, cowing down to a dictator who uses religious zealots and propaganda to maintain his power while he and his family steal what they can and burn the rest.
In other news, we caught Spiderman 2 at the drive in this week. The CGI scenes are a little less distracting and I didnít like the Green Goblin costume in the first film (too Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for me), but #2 has a bit too much character development for me. Itís gotten critical praise for it, but I donít need it in an action film, much less one based on a comic book, even less so one based on a character we already know. Iíd prefer a little less conversation, a little more action. But itís still pretty good. Worth seeing at the drive in.
Speaking of, we got this from degenerate SW:
I just checked the Starlight Drive-in website and there's a notice that
says, "The World Premiere Event for "The Dolemite Explosion" has been
temporarily postponed. Check back soon for more information." They're
still having Mondo Movie, but Friday's activities look like they're on
the back burner.

Thereís a local election coming up July 20, next Tuesday. Check out this weekís Loafing for some endorsements:

Degenerate JH had a clever comeback to PK, paraphrasing RVIís comments of last episode. Unfortunately, it was said in person at the beginning of a long night of drinking by your editor, so Iíll try to dredge it up from fuzzy memory:
ďIf PK denies moral freedom and says financial freedom is the way to be free heís morally bankrupt.Ē

Degenerate LS had this to say about PK:
How disheartening to hear that having a credible plan to get people off welfare is foolish. When Carter asked the nation to tighten their belts he did likewise. He walked in his inaugural rather than use a limo, he spoke to the nation in sweaters instead of two thousand dollar suits, he quit serving alcohol in the whitehouse to save money, and he was a true diplomat and humanitarian. I do not believe it is foolish to admire these qualities at any age.

And in the spirit of open debate weíre gonna give degenerate PK enough rope to hang himself one more time:

> When is the last time you met all "welfare mothers" in the United States
> and examined their shopping carts every time they shopped, PK?

Good point. You're right... I have never met ALL welfare mothers. Neither
has anyone else. Perhaps these welfare mothers are best left to their own
devices and freewill since our government has never met all welfare mothers
either. Our government has as much knowledge about the solving the problem
as I do.

> In the end, however, the real issue is: are we a moral country if we
> allow poor/sick people to starve?

Where in our constitution does it say that people have a RIGHT to healthcare
and food? Where?

> you say people don't have any
> responsibility to do anything for anyone else ever.

Correct. If people had only the choice of taking care of themselves, they
would do a better job of it. People will surprise you. They can fend for
themselves. I'm not saying "let's go anarchy" where law does not exist. I'm
simply suggesting the concept of freedom. It's not up to anyone to determine
morals for anyone else.

You say moral freedom is true freedom... but so does every religious wacko
in the world. But who in this case gets to determine morals? What if your
morals differ with someone else? Don't you want separation of church and
state? There's a fine line between moral standards and religious dogma and
you're about to cross it, RVI. Why does diversity bother you so?

> My position is at least reasoned on the level of an adult who has
> to face the question of what is one's responsibility to others,

Are you a part of the Christian Right? They think they have a responsibility
to others as well. Are they wrong to push their ideals on you? Of course
they are. And you are wrong to push your crap on other people too -
regardless of intention or design. I don't want your free bologna
sandwiches. I want steak, dammit! Your responsibility is another man's

> I am sure such people would
> be more than satisfied with having basic healthcare needs paid for
> collectively; basic healthcare needs would include things like regular
> check ups, dental, and mental health coverage, medications;

I don't think you or anyone wants to leave the diagnosis and prescription of
mental health up to our government. Just imagine a police state determining
the health of your state of mind. eeesh. A differing or unusual opinion
could be found to be a symptom of syphilis.

> it would not
> include extraordinary life saving measures, elective surgeries,
> plastic surgeries, etc.

What if the government thought you were ugly? They might just force you into
having some reconstructive surgery on your face. Or like Hitler's socialist
rule, the government may find that Judaism is a disease and will want to
wipe out this sickness via genocide to save the country from any more future
madcap Woody Allen films, big noses and overbearing mothers. Socialism
doesn't work, bud. Socialism turns stereotypes into sickness and then into
law. Socialism recognizes groups of people, not individual persons. Even
Stalin was able to see the problems of socialism. If a class warmonger can
see the economic fallout of socialism, why can't you?

> Private insurance would still be available for that
> level of thing if you had the money and wanted to buy it.

Thanks, government! Thank you for allowing me to do to my body what and as I
wish. That's the cat's pajamas.

> And, of course, you're always able to pay cash if you have it.
> Partially socializing medicine would not get rid of the private
> enterprise aspects, only limit their feild of involvement.

I hope this <sic> "feild" of involvement would still allow all of the
research that private companies contribute to society and medical science.
Private companies are the leading cause of breakthrough scientific
discoveries in regard to health, not government research. I dare you to do
the research and prove me wrong, government boy!

> Just look at some of the complete morons in this country and
> ask yourself if they are qualified to teach their children anything
> of lasting importance, much less motivated, and if they did teach them,
> what nonsense would it be? What is it, 60% of men admit they never read
books now?

You believe government should determine best how children are educated. If
that's the case, let's solve the whole problem by not allowing stupid people
to procreate. Abortions for people with low IQs! Freedom for the 40% of men
who admit that they read! Extra toppings for those who do not read "bad"
science fiction.

> And I'm sure when the other 40% do read one it's rarely Shakespeare
> or Plato, it's bad science fiction, fantasy, spy thrillers, Ayn Rand,
> L. Ron Hubbard, Tim LaHaye, Sean Hannity,....

"our glory is to follow the better and improve the inferior".

Who's quote is that?
a) Nietzsche
b) Hitler
c) Plato

And thanks to Shakespeare, we now have Hollywood - home of your beloved
American Idol. I wish I could kick Shakespeare's ass.

> You have as much familiarity with the arts as I do with selling SCUBA
> equipment, i.e. none. Therefore, your likes and dislikes are hardly
> what we, as a country and a civilization, need to be appealing or
> listening to when deciding anything about supporting the arts.

You are not a socialist, you are a fascist. On behalf of the majority of
America, I thank you for speaking for us, and determining what kind of art
we need. While your at it, why not go burn a few books you disagree with?
Tipper Gore will join in and we'll have a good old fashioned censorship

> If the free market becomes the sole arbiter of artistic endeavor
> in our country, what will be left will be bad porn, religious
> propaganda, and American Idol, while real art and artists will
> go underground and art will only be seen and appreciated on a
> very limited, localized level.

Have you considered a career in the SCUBA industry? I think you'd be pretty

> culture decides their job is worth - hence a public school teacher makes
> less than a pro ball player, though the teacher is objectively of more
> worth. So, if most jobs are rewarded based on cultural preferences,
> not purely the Invisible Hand of supply and demand, the culture also
> has the right to decide whether any of one's earnings can be witheld
> and redistributed in the name of justice. If you don't like it, take it
> up with reality, not me.

"Very few Men strive for liberty, most only hope for a just Master." Perhaps
they should just read more Shakespeare.

> Everyone also has the same responsibility to see everyone has that
> opportunity to succeed and can exercise it fully.

Nope. You are not owed a damn thing just because you merely exist. Death and
taxes, man. Death and taxes.

> Hence, no one should go to bed in an alley, hungry, mentally or physically
> or addicted to a substance and not treated, ignorant and uneducated,
> and used as starvation wage (or less) slave labor.

McDonald's has sold over one billion burgers. That's a minimum wage job that
feeds millions every day. Are you telling me that supply and demand does not
exist? You deserve a break today.

> If this means
> some people, after we help them, are unmotivated or chronically have
> difficulty fitting into society, that is simply the price of having a
> humane and humanistic society.

Lazy asses unite! We're gettin' free shit! YAAAAHOOOOO!

> Again, just because we might socialize one part of society, it doesn't
> mean we need to totally dismantle the capitalist system.

You just want to socialize the retards, the poor people and the black man.
People don't strive unless they are challenged... sounds like you want to
keep the black man down.

> Sometimes I think conservatives/libertarians fear abolishing poverty
> because it would mean their source of cheap, desperate labor would dry
> up

No way, man - we'd just outsource it to another country. It's just business.
India loves us for giving them jobs.

> 'Hic Rhodes, hic salta.' Take your vast private school/college
> education and decipher that. Then come back and we'll talk.

Don't you mean "Hic RhodUS, hic salta"? Dumbass.

> So what if some people are happy to just exist?

Then let them, but not on my dime.

> A philosophy that can be summed up in a bumper sticker is
> worth about as much as a bumper sticker costs.

Plato wrote some of the worst bumper sticker prose crap I've ever read: "A
dog has the soul of a philosopher." "At the touch of love everyone becomes a
poet." "We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real
tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light." "Beauty of style and
harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on Simplicity." blah blah blah..
it's all crap.

Thanks for the lively discussion, RVI... and Happy Independence Day.

You are a complete buffoon, but I believe that even you deserve freedom as
much as anyone else...

There's your morality.

I win... still. Logic always beats empty prose and balderdash aspirations.
Your pain continues to be my pleasure.

-Degenerate PK

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