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We skipped the Elvis Death Day celebrations in town in favor of a junk jaunt up through Tennessee and Alabama along the route of the Worldís Longest Yard Sale, really just an excuse to find new dive bars in Chattanooga. We were more successful finding bars that we were bargains, so stay tuned for a full color report. Meanwhile, hereís a snack attack.

Holy cow, this is funny:

We've updated the DP archives up through 2003 - we're only 8 months behind! That might be the smallest behind we've ever had. Guess cutting back on beer and trying to get some exercise really works... 

I'd been looking forward to Alien vs. Predator since I first heard rumors of the film a year or two ago. I spotted a poster for it a few months back and really got excited. There was lots of potential there. So I had my hopes up and my expectations low when we hit the drive in on Tuesday.
Unfortunately, the film didn't live up to my hopes, or even my expectations. The plot has so many holes you could strain pasta with it. Every line brought a groan from me:
"The Aztecs used a metric numbering system so I guessed that the pyramid changes every 10 minutes."
UhÖ so the Aztecs also used 'minutes' based on 60 seconds?!? WhaÖ?
Apparently nobody with any brains was consulted in writing this script. It's non-stop nonsense.
Plot holes aside, the film also fails to deliver the lush visuals provided by the Alien films. The dark, stark sets somehow left me feeling cheated. Worse, the film offers none of the suspense of the first two Alien films or Predator films, and little of the action that made the second Alien film and the Predator films worth watching. The clip you may have seen in the previews of a Predator battling off a horde of Aliens is just a momentary flashback in the film.
But all that said, it was fun at the drive in. The laughs and groans it inspired kept me entertained and it's always nice to see your favorite characters on the big screen. Unfortunately, this film may have effectively killed them both off despite its efforts to leave room for sequels at the end.

We got this response from degenerate SK regarding last episode:

First, I apologize for slamming you for omitting Webb Wilder from your show
listings a couple of months ago. 88.5's decision to play a really long string
of his (previously unknown to me) music one saturday afternoon a couple of
years ago while I was stuck in traffic north of spaghetti junction is probably
responsible for my current freedom and the survival of several DOT workers. I
admit that I might be biased toward an act that helped me retain my sanity at a
critical moment.
Second, your review of Burrito Deluxe(puh-lease)'s Whole Enchilada CD pretty
much nailed what has been wrong with country music for the last decade and a
half. Garth was no more country than Englebert Humperdinck (I have heard Tom
Jones on "classic" country). I was force-fed Y104/106 country "hits" on 2 jobs
from '90-'97. I doubt I heard 50 new songs in that interval. Music became
irrelevant to me; on my own time I chose silence.
Third, you are a self-admitted slacker like myself. In your (more and more
infrequent) posts, some of the your opinions on bands/venues might be a bit more
outdated than you would like us to believe. A soundman at the dorkhouse
trained a competent succesor before moving over to 9 Lives. I have seen/heard great
shows at both venues in 2004.
Fourth, your review of the Catfight!/Helgas CD makes me WANT it... like I
already didn't. Catfight!, Helgas, & Plastics are guaranteed to rawk(!!) the
house 8/27. It's my birthday, so watch your shoes.
Fifth, I went to Grant Park to see, coincidently, the exact same list of bands that
you named. The sound system was good, the stage location not so good, and the
crowd was sparse. Candler Park Fest is usually much better. I was surprised at
the number of people, especially band members, that stuck around to hear the
Ft McPherson Band. It's too bad our tax dollars can't be used by a talented
bunch of guys (& girl) on a setlist a bit more outside mainstream pop.
Rock on, degen SK
PS. watch your shoes.

Editorís Response:
Regarding your third post, we return to whatever Darkhorse is calling itself these days (10 High?) every year or so only to leave dejected and wondering why we bother. Itís not just the sound quality, but the place is poorly arranged, the bathrooms are miserable, thereís nowhere to sit, it smells bad, I can only stand on a concrete floor for so long, and itís packed full of Highlands yuppies. I doubt a new sound man will help any of these issues. It would make a GREAT basement punk bar, but instead youíre jammed in there to see acts like Bo Diddley and Dick Dale. I donít know how the club gets these acts, but itís the wrong venue for them. Itís the wrong venue for the neighborhood. And itís the wrong venue for me.
But we encourage everyone to go to any venue they enjoy to support the local scene, and, unlike the current administration, we encourage dissenting opinion. So send in yours today!

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