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Chattanooga and the Worldís Longest Yard Sale:

Itís the return of degenerate KH:

do no forget to add Oct. 1st when the legendary Gibby Haynes a.k.a. Mr. Butthole Surfer himself will be performing at The Echo....see you there..oh yes isn't it nice to see the Facade of John Kerry starting to fall to pieces!!!!!yeah!!!!! Degenerate KH

In other news, we headed to Earthlink Live on Saturday night. I hadnít been in the building since I was something like 9 years old back when it was Academy Theater. Itís a pretty nice venue. The show we caught was general admission so you had your choice of poking around for a seat or standing on the floor. Most of the seats offer a good view of the stage. The drinks are reasonably priced ($5 cocktails) and there is no smoking in the auditorium, so I was pleasantly surprised with the venue.
The first opening act, whoís name I donít recall, sounded like a few Buddhist monks chanting inside a while as it sung out through the seas. An interesting sound at first, but half an hour later it was about as interesting as a dial tone. The next act went from serene monotone to anarchistic energy, attacking their instruments and producing completely random racket. If youíre into noise, rather than music, look up whoever opened for Sonic Youth last weekend for yourself. I was so disinterested I donít even have the energy to look it up myself.
Sonic Youth came on to a sold out house. Such a long-standing yet influential act drew a wide range of ages, from recent converts to aging music geeks and drooling fanatics (and a few people who were clearly dragged to the show or were there because they were told it was the place to be.) They cranked out a mix of spacey noise and punky rock but leaned a bit too much toward the droney end for my tastes. Perhaps age, or the tail end of a long US tour, are getting to them. They wrapped up with twenty minutes of sound generated by dragging their instruments across the stage, beating on them, jumping on them, etc. My vote for Most Spinal Tap Like Moment came when one of the guitarists strapped on an accordion, then used it like a slide to play guitar. But that wasnít generating enough racket so he started picking up various things on the stage, like guitar stands and such, and holding them under his arm and draping them over his shoulder so that pretty soon he looked more like an overburdened roadie than someone who was actually trying to produce sound.
Sunday we hit The Earl for Dunch where Mike Geierís Gusto act covered random tunes with his marvelous voice while Monkey Zuma wandered about at random handing out bananas and random toys. A fun afternoon, making the weekend seem just a bit longer.

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