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Friday afternoon there was a guest on WRAS 88.5 who swore that Euclid Avenue Yacht Club had the best barbecue in town. Iíd never thought of the place as serving food, much less the best Q in town, so my curiosity was piqued.
For a reasonable $7 you can get a pulled pork sandwich with beans and potato salad. The potato salad is the white variety and very good. The beans are odd, not the usual baked barbecued variety but very tasty. However, EAYC does not serve the best barbecue in Atlanta. Itís not bad. In fact, itís pretty good, particularly for a place better known as a local watering hole, but apparently the guy on Album 88 hasnít been to Fat Mattís, Daddy Díz or any of the dozens of fine barbecue establishments Atlanta has to offer. On the other hand, most barbecue joints donít serve up a stiff rum and tonic eitherÖ

After the bbq investigation, we trekked around the corner to the Star Bar and had a drink before The Plastics came on. Iíve seen them once or twice in the last 5 years, which is probably the majority of their shows in the last 5 years. They donít get out much any more. Itís a drag, but people that age Ė my age Ė are all home with the kids, making kids, or trying to make kids. Crap, like we donít have enough people on the planetÖ
Anyhow, The Plastics do early-80ís style punk that should sound familiar to even the younger set since Green Day and Good Charlotte and such have all borrowed wholesale from this sound. The Plastics do a fine job with the material, plenty of energy, good harmonies and hooks, good guitar work, everything you want in punk if you donít like your punk too sloppy, too hard or too unintelligible but still want get-up-and-go in punchy, short order.
Catfight! returned from maternity leave (see above) to celebrate the release of their split CD with The Helgas (see previous episodes of Electric Degeneration) and, like anyone settling back to work after maternity leave, didnít quite have it together. ďIf we sound a little dusty itís because theyíre sandblasting our rehearsal space,Ē Jennifer joked.
They blew the dust off a few of their older tunes but dedicated most of the set to newer material. They didnít know either old or new material 100% and their bratty pop was a little sloppier than usual. Fortunately nobody, themselves included, took it too seriously.
The Helgas capped off the night with more ďI know how to play my instrument and Iím a punkĒ rock, fun stuff for kids of all ages.

We headed over to the Atlanta Botanical Garden last Tuesday to see the Chihuly exhibit. On Tuesdays they stay open late to light up the works so the organic glass forms emerge from shadows to mingle with natureís organic forms even more seamlessly. Some of the pieces work better than others but regardless itís worth a visit if you donít mind a bit of a crowd. Iíd post pictures, but we lost the &^%$ camera.

I've never laughed so hard and yet seen such clear reasons behind why we should have sex ed in this country:

We also got this in response to last episode:
ďItís the return of degenerate KH: "oh yes isn't it nice to see the Facade of John Kerry starting to fall to pieces!!!!!yeah!!!!! Degenerate KH"

KH should not drink so much Kool Aid.
degenerate JDP

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