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Last Thursday we returned to Lenny’s after a long, unintentional hiatus, just in time to catch the tail end of Cowboy’s 75th birthday party. Cowboy has been a fixture on Atlanta’s nightlife scene longer than anyone can remember ‘cause he’s been around longer than anyone on the scene! “Well, it’ ain’t clean livin’!” I said, shaking his hand.
Bean, the guy who books Lenny’s, said Mondays were doing well with some kind of free form jazz/noise rock format so if you enjoy what would be the soundtrack to my own personal hell head down to the double-wide across from the graveyard in the bad part of town.
But don’t expect to get the word on what’s going on at Lenny’s online. Bean doesn’t even have internet access these days. He’s taken a low-tech approach to promotions, printing flyers and biking around town to hand ‘em out. Wow – remember paper?!?

Sometimes I’m proud to be from around here. Sometimes…,2933,127839,00.html

Degenerate JDP sent us this:

I remember some discussion of the Heinz heiress offshoring jobs. This should clarify some points for confused readers:

Internet "Whispering Campaigns" Falsely Accuse Teresa Heinz Kerry

Bogus e-mail messages claim she's given millions to "radical" groups, some linked to terrorists, and located Heinz factories overseas. Both claims are false.

False allegations about Kerry's wife have been circulating for months, but the velocity of the Internet "whispering campaign" picked up substantially with the approach of the Fall campaign.

One false message claims Teresa Heinz Kerry gave $4 million to a foundation that used the funds to support a list of "radical" groups including one with alleged links to Hamas and another that is said to have offered to provide a lawyer for Saddam Hussein. But public records show otherwise. Heinz Kerry's foundation money was directed to projects such as "Sustainable Pittsburgh," which promotes "smart growth" strategies.

Another widely circulated e-mail claims Kerry and his wife "own" dozens of H.J. Heinz Company factories in Europe and Asia. It accuses Kerry of hypocrisy for denouncing offshoring of US jobs while "making millions off that cheap labor."

That's also false: neither of them own Heinz. Public records show Heinz Kerry isn't an officer of the company, isn't on the company's board of directors, and isn't even close to being the largest shareholder. The Heinz Endowments do own Heinz stock -- less than 4% of the company -- but income from that stock goes to charity, not to the Kerrys personally. has received hundreds of copies of these two e-mails from subscribers who asked us to check out whether there's any truth to them. They have been circulating like a virus, relayed by people who either don't bother to check out whether they are true, or don't care. It's the modern equivalent of the old "whispering campaign" in which false rumors served as political weapons.
Please visit to view this FactCheck article in full.

While some drive invaders caught Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle at our weekly gathering, we headed a couple of screens down to see The Manchurian Candidate, the remake of the 60’s thriller that never made it to the theaters thanks to the assassination of JFK (if I remember my film trivia correctly.) The new version stars Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep both fine actors, but the film lacks the psychological punch of the original, and the shock value of seeing Frank Sinatra actually act. And nobody could top the villainess Shelly Winters gives us in the original. Skip it, and rent the original instead.
We met the rest of the crew after Dumb and Dumber Go to Krystal and heard mixed reviews – the stoned viewers laughed, the rest said “meh.” We hung around chatting while White Chicks played. Eddie Murphy did a hilarious sketch on Saturday Night Live some 25 years ago where he went around made up as a white guy and found how different life was as a white person. That 5 minute sketch packed more laughs in it than the entire film of White Chicks. Holy cow, that was a stinker. Somehow it won the weekly vote a few weeks back but only one person showed up for it (I have to wonder who’s stuffing the ballot box with crap.) Their review was apt, “The only race that should be offended by this film is the human race.”

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