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Goddamn, what a swell weekend! Met old friends at Drag On and chatted until far too late into the night (and didn’t attend a single official event at the con, oh well), got up hungover and headed to the drive in early and had a full day of bands, badass cars, and b-movies, went back Sunday for more of the same plus a few bikes, then Monday I even swung by the WRFG blues barbecue for a while. I was beat Tuesday, but fortunately the hurricane had screwed up the power at work so I got to go home and clean up the wreck our HQ had become in preparing for the weekend of mayhem. A full report is below, though I was tempted to just say “Shit, you should’a BEEN there.”

Opinions about bbq continue to come in from the last couple of episodes:

Dear Dick Tater,
How could you forget LOU REED from that Amnesty show lineup?! He was the
highlight of the night!!
Hippie's BBQ at the Yacht Club is the best I've ever had in Georgia. They
only sell it when the BBQ neon sign is lit in the front window, kinda like
Krispy Kreme.
Degenerate GN

Dictator’s response:
I will give ‘em props for the best beef barbecue/brisket I’ve ever had, despite my extensive journeys deep in the heart of Texas. But their pork ‘cue has too much sauce and seasoning, overpowering the flavor slow-cooked pork is supposed to have. It’s good, but it ain’t the best.

Thanks to a cool August and a wet hurricane it feels like fall is already upon us, at least according to your editor’s biological clock. As long time subscribers know, my mood swings from manic spring to lazy summer to dismal fall to grumbly winter. It doesn’t matter what the weather channel says or when the solstice is or the official first day of whatever season rolls around, something inside me just clicks and suddenly it’s the new season for me. So have patience with your seasonally affected editor for the next couple of weeks while the mood swings.

Bush Campaign More Thought Out Than Iraq War
WASHINGTON, DC—Military and political strategists agreed Monday that President Bush's re-election campaign has been executed with greater precision than the war in Iraq. "Judging from the initial misrepresentation of intelligence data and the ongoing crisis in Najaf, I assumed the president didn't know his ass from his elbow," said Col. Dale Henderson, a military advisor during the Reagan Administration. "But on the campaign trail, he's proven himself a master of long-term planning and unflinching determination. How else can you explain his strength in the polls given this economy?" Henderson said he regrets having characterized Bush's handling of the war as "incompetent," now that he knows the president's mind was simply otherwise occupied.
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