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Strange winds blowing
Clouds moving backwards across the sky
Hurricane somewhere, down south, offshore
My car is back in the shop
Internal bleeding
Red transmission fluid seeping into the radiator
Clogging up the works.
Rolling down the rails of mass transit
In a car full of people but nobody there
Everyone is somewhere else
Distant looks on the faces
Heads bopping to a silent beat piped in through headphones
Or talking to the air with a tiny wire trailing from the ear
All listening to distant voices
A woman barges through the doors between cars
Nobody answers
Awkward silence until the train comes to a stop
She storms out the door onto the platform
Yelling incoherently, something about the station
Hikes her dress
Tugs a bloody tissue from between her legs and tosses it aside
Still ranting about the station
Something incoherent
Over and over
Lets loose with a torrential stream of piss,
Still ranting.
The train doors close
The machinery hums
And takes the rest of us away
Into a beautiful sunset.
The poplars are turning yellow
My head is clogged
Ragweed, goldenrod, something
Fall is coming
You only get sunsets like that in the fall.
The next morning it’s back to mass transit
Piss lady is in the station
Lounging on a bench
Eating eggs with her hand from a Styrofoam container
Somehow I’ve arrived just as my train is leaving
Yet again
I expect the same when I reach the bus stop
Life works this way sometimes
Especially in the fall
When the hurricane hovers off shore
Pulling the clouds backwards into itself
With those strange winds.

Last episode generated a few responses:
Holy shit those photos of the Drive In rock show - why do I always miss the
killer rock shows? DAMN IT.
Degenerate B

Editor’s response: What the hell do I have to do to get you to heed the prophets? Crap, we spend hundreds of dollars a month researching this stuff. Every single event we list is there because we wish we could be there. We don’t just open up the Loaf and pick shit at random! And if we wish we could be there what the hell you got better to do?!? Crap, the only reason we’re not at every show on this list is because we can’t afford it, we got straight jobs to go to in the mornings, and you can only be so many places at once. But when we go on and on about a show for months in advance you can damn well bet it’s the best fuckin’ show in town! So like I said last episode, “Shit, you should’a BEEN there.”

Yet again, nice job. Didn't really get a chance to speak to you last weekend since we both seemed to be more into the music. Still, really enjoyed reading your account of the weekend. You deserve credit for your chronicling of various snapshots of our particular corner of the Atlanta "scene" over the past few years. I don't know how you've kept it up so long since I'm sure it's probably not a profitable venture but glad you do. No, I don't always agree with your point of view and I gotta admit I do sometimes groan at a few comments but always glad your Our Man In Atlanta. ( And well, pictures of half-naked chicks always help ).
Just wanted you too know your efforts are appreciated...
degenerate jm

sorry i didnt mean it to seem like y'all thought WE we're posers. I totally know what you meant as far as the "posing" thing goes. lord have mercy, no hard feelings y'all. My comment was in good fun. I just said "this goes out to degenerate press, cause they don't like posing". no harm. just havin fun. Thanks for the pics and for promoting the scene!
artimus pyledriver

Editor’s response:
No hard feelings taken. Crap, I expect to get blunt response to our blunt commentary and thanks for the shout out, in whatever spirit it was meant. There’s no such thing as bad publicity.
And I don’t feel like my “efforts” at “promoting” the scene need any thanks. I’m just a glorified hanger-on.
“I'm a well-wisher, in that I don't wish you any specific harm." Moe Syzlak, from The Simpsons
Seriously, if you guys weren’t performing the audience would look pretty silly standing around an empty club or drive in parking lot. Sure, art needs an audience, but don’t go thanking me for just showing up, then posting a few pictures and some unfair and imbalanced reporting.

We got this from degenerate LS:
Fox News probably wishes Outfoxed would just go away. In a short time, the movie has blown Fox's cover, exposing the network's Republican bias.
Instead, Outfoxed has been so popular that it's now at a theater near you. You can help make the movie a box-office success by coming to see the movie anytime this weekend -- and bringing a friend! If "Outfoxed" does well in theaters, more people than ever will learn how Fox turns Republican talking points into news headlines.
Outfoxed is playing this week at:
UA Tara Cinemas
2345 Cheshire Bridge Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30329
Showtimes: (404) 634-5661

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