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Iím headed home on Wednesday afternoon and a í73 Cutlass Supreme passes me in the fast lane, flooding me a wake of intense, nostalgic memories.
Suddenly Iím a teenager flying along in the same model Cutlass, late at night on an empty highway. Big powerful engine purring smoothly in front of me on my way home from a fantastic concert. Cute blonde sprawled across the bench seat, giving me a blowjob. The speedometer rises and falls with my heart rate, the car weaves back and forth like a drunken lunatic off some Cops TV show. For a few minutes there I was at the pinnacle of life for a teenager and could want for nothing more.
Of course, the car was my momís, not mine. The girl stopped returning my phone calls a week or two later and wouldnít see me again. But I have yet to see a better lineup since that Amnesty International concert in the mid-80ís at the Omni - Peter Gabriel, The Neville Brothers, a brief reunion of The Police, U2, just to name a few. The best of the big names of the time.
The Cutlass cruised on as I returned to reality, wondering if Iíd ever again feel so young, so free, and so on top of the world.

We saw Hero this week at the drive in, the Jet Li martial arts epic. It's lush and beautiful in every way - costumes, cinematography, action, and especially landscapes. It's like watching a National Geographic special, but with wire fu. Personally, I've had enough wire fu and CGI action, but it works in some films. It almost works with mythic Chinese heros in this film. I'd rather see non-wire-driven action until it's needed for spectacular effect at just the right moment, but Hero is so pretty you stop noticing the action almost entirely after a while and just suck up the eye candy. I have to warn you - it's subtitled. I don't have a problem with that, but the ads have done a great job not mentioning this. But it's worth the read just for the scenery alone.
Thereís a couple of movies that have been added to the Drive Invasion lineup for the weekend, a special guest or two, and Iíve heard reports of what various people are going to bring and do to entertain themselves and other patrons all night long. Damn, Iíve said it once but Iíll say it again - if you can find something better to do Iíll eat a bug.

ďHere again..I will have to disagree I have eaten at all aforementioned bar-b-q joints in Atlanta and many more and as i have been saying for years The Yacht Club does have the best in doubt about it!!!...Hippie cooks his famed Q at his house for many hours .. on the slow side..and the portions are outstanding..matter of fact I am going to have to jump in my car and roll on down to L5P to get some..Hot Damn!!..Keep up the good work.. and when is the next Luau at Trader vic's, thats my next stop for Atlanta nightlife..glad you guys brought it to my attention...Oh yeah! the Dems relized too late that they should have picked Edwards..I might even have voted for him!!Ē
degenerate KH

Editorís Response:
I am not some big time food critic who dines at the finest establishments every week, writing flowery prose about the bouquet of a wide variety wines. No, instead thereís one food and one food alone I claim to be an expert on - and thatís a pulled pork barbecue sandwich. I think Iíve had three different ones this week alone. Euclid Avenue Yacht Club wasnít even the best one this week, much less the best one in Atlanta. Slopeís, Daddy Díz, Fatt Matts all rank higher. Hell, even some random weekend roadside cue often surpasses the one I had at EAYC. But we returned to the L5P bar the other night and I had a really tasty chicken and biscuits plate and their food has impressed me every time, if for no other reason than you wouldnít expect it in what looks to be an average neighborhood watering hole. Definitely worth a visit, but definitely not the best pulled pork barbecue in Atlanta.
But hey, donít take our word for it, hereís more opinions:

ďFat Matt's has my vote for dinner but Bobby and June's on 14th is it for
lunch. They have great BBQ sandwiches plus a big variety of home cooked
veggies to go with it.Ē
degenerate LS

ďEAYC has a great kitchen. I particularly like their pimento cheese sammich.
When I've been out of town for any length of time, I head straight to the Yacht Club
for some food and bev.Ē
degenerate DD

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