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"Remember, Marge, it takes two to lie. On to lie, and one to listen."
Homer Simpson

Last episodeís Degenerate Press Likeability Scale generated a ton of responses. First off, thanks for the compliments and complaints. Your opinions are always welcome! Normally Iíd run them all but I got one that made the others seem less important. I mentioned a few of the details from it to SW a few days ago and she said, ďDonít run that. Just ignore it.Ē
It was tempting. But instead, Iím going to feature it and it alone. Iíll tell you why afterward. So open your mind, and clench tight all orifices, for the return of degenerate KH:

You guys are nuts. First of all I have heard so much audio on Kerry. For example during the Clinton years Kerry gave a speech on the evils of Saddam. He said Saddam should be taken out. -50 for Kerry. In another speech after 9/11 Kerry said that he never agreed with Clinton on his policies and pushed for Saddam to be taken out because saddam had weapons of mass destruction. I have heard three speechs to this effect. "If I knew know what I knew then I would still take out Saddam", a direct Kerry quote after the Iraq war started. Now he is saying Bush should not have gone after Saddam(Flip Flop #1000) He voted to go to war in Iraq but voted against the money for troop support(sic)(Flip Flop #10002). His Senate voting record is appaling. In one speech that I heard by Kerry he talks about how he would beef up the Intelligence community and make it stronger and better then bush ever would. Kerry voted against every intelligent spending proposal there was. Not only that, but he proposed the Kerry ammendement to basically cut off the arms of our Intelligence community.(Flip Flop#1003). that is worth
-150 points for kerry for all the floping and flipping.
Next ,there was proven ties to Al Quaeda and Iraq. Maybe not directly tied to 9/11 but there were ties all over the place. Saddam was giving safe refuge to Al Quaeda and even meeting with High ranking Al Quaeda. +50 back for Bush. No weapons of mass Destruction found. So where are they??? The weapons inspector say they were there and that is why they were there to try and get Saddam to destroy them or destroy them ourselves. Well what happened then, Saddam Kicked them out of the country and would not allow them to come back in. Three or so years go buy we finally get a Resoultion to go back in and guess what the wepons are gone.. Here is the scary part....Where in the Hell did they go??? Hell yeah Bush is scared that there are alot of chemical/biological weapons missing and they are still missing and no one seems to know where they are at.. So in these three years what happed to them. If Iraq is harboring Al Quade during this time that is one scary thought. +50 back for bush.
Next Saddam was the weapon of Mass destruction. 500,000 Iraq women,men and children dead at his hands. Rape, torture, political oppression, no freedoms, mass graves, gassing whole towns of people(have you seen the pictures). If this was happining in your town would you just say" oh, I hope no one helps us get away from this life in Hell!!" This is what makes me sick about peple like you. If for no other reason that is the reason for invading Iraq. WMD's and terriost take a back seat to the purley hatefull evil things that Saddam was doing to his people. You have the freedom to write your silly banterings every week. These people did'nt. you have the right to go see rock shows and thumb your nose at the gov. anytime you wanted, these people did'nt. Where is your Heart. The Democrats were to pussy and to worried about there land rover driving existince to get down and dirty and yes spend lives to help give millions of people the basic rights that we use every day. Bush was'nt scared and for this reson above all else i applaude him for trying to give freedom to millions of people. How many people has Michal Moore helped besides himself(have you seen the mansion he lives in, (fucking hypocrite)
Did you know that in Afganistan 9 million people are now registered to vote as opposed to 0 before, that is a fucking miracle. How many people has Kerry help given the basic right of voting to, well, the answer is 0, so 9,000,000 points for Bush. You said that Bush was always on Vaction. Before 9/11 Kerry was on the select intelligence committe for this country. He missed 85% of all the meetings. He did not even bother showing up. This stastic is posted all over the web look it up! You keep saying in your letter no ties to Al Quade, are you that ignorant, there were ties, every news agency has reported that there were ties. You may not feel safer, But i sure as hell do!! Are you forgetting that they attacked us on our on soil(belive it or not but Clinton had alot to do with this) They would have kept attacking us on our own soil if we had not taken the fight to thier soil. That is basic military strategy + 50 for Bush.
Now for my last tirade. Bush is a great leader because he says what he means and means what he says. Kerry can't even hold a candle to him there(flip flop)! He has taken the fight to the terriost on thier own soil. He has freed millions of people and given them the chance to control thier own lives. People in Iraq can now get passports a right you have anyday, moron. Bush is trying to establish a dmocracy in the Middle East or else this reign of terror over ther will never end. A dem. has'nt even tried to accomplish this grand feat. So we did'nt use France and Germany, so what, they were so far up Saddam's evil ass and thier own assess that they could'nt help because they want us to fail in order for them to fell more superior. Oh and by the way lets say it was for oil okay. Well in that case France and Germany were taking oil from Iraq and making deals with a mass murderer at least we take the oil but we went one step further and removed thier hatefull dictator at the cost of our lives for the Iraq people. What scraficies did France and Germany make to the cause of Human Rights a big 0. So they have no leg to stand on in my opinoin. Kerry has proven that he doesn't keep his word, he didn't show up for intellgence committes, he tried to cut all defense spending, in 22 years of being on the senate he hasn't passed one usefull piece of legislation oh except for the Kerry amendenment that would cut intelligence spending in half. Kerry is a moron a rich french bastard he does'nt care about anyone as far as I can see. Why doesn't he have a more diverse campaign team? Chek out Bush's cabinet, vey diverse! I may not agree with Bush's domestic policies but at least he is looking into a more fair tax policies. Kerry has stated, I heard this directly he won't even look at the new nationial sales tax plan which would abolish the IRS(YEAH!) If it were up to Kerry we would be a socilist state and talking about losing freedoms. Halliburton, not only provides thouseands of jobs but they are willing to go over to a place and work under the threat of death and kidnappings. It is like saying toyota is an evil empire because the terrorist have been seen driving toyota trucks during thier attack. Halliburton who care about them, they are a business just like anyother business in the world, and how many jobs do they provide? ummm...I do not see you over in Iraq trying to help, sissy boy. Oh and you talk about the lives we spent on this war, think how many thousand more would have been spent if Kerry had gotten his way and cut every defense contract he voted against. We would have hd to commit even more human bodies then we had to thank to smart bombs, planes etc.
So, before you run out and vote remember this, you may not like Bush but at least you can count on him to keep his word, stand up for what he believs in, fight a shadow war on a bunch of islamic murderers on thier own turf. Bush won't let the little stinky countries of France and Germany(whom we bailed out at the cost of tens of thousand of lives) try to tell us how to behave when they are dealing with a mass murderer even after the U.N. had passed specific sanctions against doing this very same thing. He has provided Tax cuts. Kerry will raise taxes, that is well reported. But most important vote for Bush because he stood up to the rest of the groveling world and said enough is enough. We are a free people we will continue to live as a free people and if you want to give up your rights and have the gov. tell you how to live then vote for the socilist party oh sorry the Democratic party and thier two faced Captian. thank a bunch, Kent Honea 404-597-3765 feel free to call me I will be gald to discuss this with you.

p.s. If I were an Iraq citizen living in pre-war Iraq then I would have not been able to write a letter like this without fear of losing my life. So thanks Bush for atleast attempting to give them this right. And, Fuck you Kerry,Democrats,France and Germany for not doing a damn thing but lining your own pockets while the Iraq people suffered everyday. and Fuck you to all the selfish people out there who would vote for someone who drives a Suv when thier at a Detroit auto convention and "I do not own any Suv's" when your at a enviromental convention.(Sic,Sic,Sic) and this is the guy you want for president. Bush may not be the ultimate choice but what other choice is there really!!!!

Editorís note: A day or two later I got this follow-up:

Here is the short version of what i wrote earlier, a paraphrase if you will.
If you were not sickened by the actions of John Kerry today then you are less then
human and a clone of the Left wing politics that are killing us today. You will only change when you have been attacked personally and if it were up to you then that time would be sooner than later. idiot.
To come out and BLAST Allawi after the most courage full speech that I have seen given in my lifetime, to me is affront of all that I hold purposefully. The man is not only thanking the U.S. but us personally, not to mention the men and women that have died for a cause that would enable this man to regain simple freedom. He is trying to rally his people back home to a greater cause'. A hard fought cause. A cause that lead this man to speaking in front of the greatest power of the free world. And all he wanted to say was ..THANK YOU!....and John Kerry tried to belittle such a great and courageous heartfelt
thank. And you want this man for president? What about treating foreign dignitaries with respect John? Especially when they are thanking you for spending 1,000's of American Lives, trillions of dollars and a lifetime of pain for for their freedom, and you say NO THANKS!

Editorís response:
I could take every single sentence from those emails and point out the logic flaws, exaggerations, and countless blatant lies. Aside from the personal insults, the tone of the whole thing insulted my intelligence. It disturbed me for two days after reading it the first time and I came up with dozens of arguments against almost everything KH wrote.
But I donít believe thereís any use in debating KH. Some people have such faith in the powers in which they believe that they will echo anything their chosen authority figures say. Some people will not question, will not listen to reason or evidence of any kind.
As Iíve said before, ďYou canít argue with a crazy person.Ē
So why run it?
I wanted to illustrate to subscribers what intelligent people are up against in this country. Degenerate KH will get out and vote. But if YOU donít, if you sit passively by because you donít think your vote matters, if you think one politician is as bad as the other, then people like KH will have their chosen leaders elected. And what happens to a country whoís populace follows their leader without question? What is it like in countries whose population chants along with the slogans issued by the powers in charge? Can you think of an example of a country whose populace is united in fear and hatred? If not, Iíll send you some history books free of charge.
The deadline to register to vote in Georgia is October 4 for the next election. Youíve got one more week if you havenít been participating in the very system that controls your life. You can get your voter registration form here: 
As for those who are open-minded, intelligent people who still thing the Republicans are worth electing to the highest office, regardless of who theyíve put up front as their figurehead, Garrison Keillor is far more eloquent than I:

Russ Meyer was the king, my friend. Yes, he did essentially invent the
"skin-flick" (actually what he invented was the "nudie-cutie," but that's
splitting, um, hairs), but those CNN headlines citing FASTER PUSSYCAT! KILL!
KILL! as an example thereof are totally mistaken. FASTER PUSSYCAT is neither
a skin flick nor a nudie-cutie. It's a great low-budget action film about
some tough girls, and there's no so much as a bare boobie to be seen in all
of its 83 minutes. If you want a Meyer film with skin, rent VIXEN. Meyer
himself declared it was the only actual "skin flick" he ever directed.
Russ Meyer was second only to Johnny Ramone among my living personal heroes,
and for years I've had inscribed autographed photos of both of them
displayed side by side right here at desk, so you IMAGINE the kinda gloomy
month I've been having. His CHERRY, HARRY & RAQUEL is second only to Sam
Peckinpah's THE WILD BUNCH as the best-edited American film of all time.
Degenerate GN

From last episode:
We got this from degenerate KG:
"Have you heard about this new club opening in Underground? It's called Alley Cat Alley. I hear that it's supposed to be like the Playboy clubs of yesteryear, with girls dressed up in itty-bitty cat outfits bringing you drinks."

I ain't heard a thing. Anyone got the scoop?

Degenerate GG has random info that may relate:I have no idea what's going on at Underground, but if the description above is accurate, it sounds like a throwback to the
long-gone KITTENS CORNER located at 842 Peachtree Street. Here is a swell photo from 1965 that you may wish to
share with your readers. 
For additional reference, here is a shot of 846 Peachtree Street, which formerly housed the Peachtree Manor Hotel. 
I am not positive, but given the closeness of the two addresses, the club may have actually been inside the Peachtree Manor Hotel, a location from which night spots operated for many years.

And we got this from a degenerate who works in L5P regarding the Halloween schedule:

The L5P parade, actually the stores have very little input in when it is held, it is the business association decision. Our store was just as surprised as everyone else it is a week early. But, we figured that there is probably so much going on, on the weekend of the 30/31 that they decided it might be easier and a good build up. The most stores don't make that much money though, it is more the influx of people we like who often come back later. The lack of money is due to the high traffic: no-one can get any where, everyone stands around watching the parade, not shopping, the bars and some stores do great though (Junkman's and Lucky Devil), the rest of us enjoy ourselves and the spectacle, it is what L5P used to be about.

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