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Caught a show at the Star Bar last week, but I’ve reviewed the Forty Fives so many times it seems a bit redundant to do another full web page on it. They had Adam back behind the drums, but for one night only. Rumor has it they’re hunting for another drummer.
Immortal Lee County Killers headlined but Chet had some technical problems and had to do the show without the benefit of effects pedals, which thinned the sound down a bit but didn’t detract from the energy. They have a new CD out but I haven’t gotten around to listening to it yet.
The opening act, the Alcohol Stunt Band, was the only act I hadn’t seen before. They’re fairly straight ahead rock has dark and sometimes depressing lyrics, but done with an ironic, sardonic grimmace. I particularly enjoyed one of their tunes that went something like this:
She likes to fuck…
She likes to fuck…
About once a month.
Other verses had similar twists and turns of phrase that got giggles, though sometimes painful ones, from the crowd. The lead singer puts a lot of feeling into the performance and I’d recommend ‘em for those who like to shed a tear in their beer while they rock.
Check ‘em out online at
I may get around to posting a full review for these guys, or I may not. Work has been busy, I’ve been mildly ill and/or out of town, blah blah blah, but this weekend the nightlife I usually lead returns full swing so expect virtual degeneration next weekish.

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