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It's ironically crude to say so, so I can't resist - Narnia is goddamn fantastic. It closely follows the book, so it's fairly simple and a bit heavy-handed, but it's visually gorgeous. Go see it. Don't wait for it on video, you cheap ass. Yeah, it's cold out, and there will be crowds, and even children in the theater - but all of that will actually add to the viewing experience of this particular film. And it needs to be seen on the big screen. So get off your lazy ass sometime in the next couple of weeks and go see it.
I only have one minor complaint about the film, which other critics have noted as well. There shouldíve been at least one scene where Aslan connects with the kids so that the audience understands their love and admiration for him. Their relationship only takes up a few minutes of film before the big battle at the end.
And the computer effects are 99% beautiful. That 1% of not-quite-perfection was a distraction in only a few moments, and perhaps only to geeks like me that get distracted when something isnít exactly perfect, but itís still magnificent.
Really. Go see it.

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