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The more details that surface around the closing of Echo Lounge, the more it looks like mismanagement of the liquor license may have been to blame for the closure, though I’m sure if they were making enough money they would’ve been motivated to handle the situation better. But the reasons don’t really matter any more, the place is gone.

In other news, we have more responses to our Underground rants:

I'm laughing my ass off about your Cobb County yuppie scum comment in your rant about underground!! I was just the other day thinking how hysterical its going to be to put my Degenerate Press sticker on the back of my newly acquired mini-van with my Cobb County vanity plate that reads "MYRUBY1"!!! Oh the HORROR of it!!! Being dragged into the "establishment" really DOES suck; I'm still resistant but nonetheless resigned. Really, we're not all yuppie scum but rather those forced to grow up, rear children responsibly, and purchase a home bigger than a bread box upon which we're not levied intown sewer taxes. Damn the bad luck! Frankly, I don't consider myself yuppie scum at all; more along the lines of displaced intowner!! So, here's hoping there's ANYONE besides myself living in Cobb County that reads Degenerate Press who can appreciate the irony posted on my back window! Meanwhile, love your rants and stay out of way of my ruby red "DP stickered" Chrysler minivan (yes, even complete with DVD)!!!! LMAO!!
Degenerate TD

I agree that they are all yuppie scum. No one hates Yuppies more then I. But I just got back from Orlando, partying on Int. Blvd. and as from a tourist standpoint it was nice to be able to get in a cab ask for a safe enviroment where there are lots of bars that I can walk to without having to pay outrages cab fees to go from one to another. Yes it was scuppieville but at the same time there were 20 bars/restaurants to walk to. I hooked up with some crazy English chap's who were supposed to go to Phukkett and a half loon Canadian and we had a ball tossing back Bass(the only good beer you could find) and talking about my fav. sport football(or soccer to the rest of you). So that was nice from that aspect, just like Underground will be for others. Let's keep the tourist and the scuppies in one place away from the rest of us. But overall a nice experience. Oh and let's lay blame the closing early on the shoulders to whom that blame belongs, Urban young african americans(although probably more american then african) who cause trouble. Let's not forget in Athens the same thing happend. The Fifth Quarter a bar was a bar that catered to the thugs in Athens. Frist it started out with girls getting harrassed as they walked by, then came the stabbing and finally the shooting and this is what closed the bars in Athen's from 4 to 2a.m. I know I was living there in a loft above Rocky's pizza when it was happening. So all the other 100 bar's that didn't cater to this clientale paid the price. Do not lay blame on the city, lay blame on the degeneRATS(to borrow a phrase) from the idiots with guns, phat wheels and no parental control, and maybe even hip hop itself. That is why we have to go home early and you are kidding yourself if you believe otherwise. So do not band Underground or you are just letting those same thugs ruin even more fun and places to go for you. And that is sad indeed!!! Plus if all of us punkabilly goats start showing up in force and demanding good bookings well we can only imagine how many Drive By Truckers shows it will take to run the hooligans out, probably not many...
Degenerate KH

And degenerate JH said of Underground the other day, “I’m not going to let principle stand in the way of a good time.”

As I recall, the Atlanta City Council was supposed to revisit the closing time issue after a year’s trial run. Anyone know if they’re actually going to bring this up again, or already have?

We also got this in response to last episode’s Ear Plugs:

As the former bassist for both the Ditchdiggers and Motor 76, I
think I am qualified to tell ya what's missing...
Being out to impress just to impress never got my attention, and was
one of the reasons I left back when I did. I wish the guys well, and
miss playing out more than I can say... but I couldn't go they way they
were going. If you know anyone who's looking, give me a shout.
Otherwise I'll see you at Fantasm I imagine...
John Paul Stout

A couple degenerates and I caught House of Flying Daggers on Friday. We were hoping for heaps of kung fu action but instead got loads of slow mo shots of guys on horses riding through colorful forests raining flower petals a la Crouching Tiger or Hero. The plot is interesting, sort of a Greek tragedy or Romeo and Juliet love story, but I could’ve used 50% less slow mo scenery and 75% more people beating the crap out of each other. A fine film, really, it just wasn’t what I was in the mood for. A good date film, since half the scenes look straight off the cover of a Harlequin romance novel – lots of shirts-being-torn-to-the-shoulder seduction scenes, and just enough flying kicks and swinging swords to keep the action junkies interested, if not excited. But it is subtitled, so you and your date have to be foreign film tolerant. It is distracting to have to pull your eye off the lush scenery and good acting to read the dialogue.

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