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We watched a sneak preview of Gunner Palace, a documentary that follows several days in the lives of several soldiers in Iraq a few months after the end of “major operations.” The soldiers live in one of the bombed-out palaces built by the former regime, lounging poolside between missions out in Baghdad.
It is supposedly neither anti- nor pro-war. You can’t help but notice the pride the guys (and a few girls) have in their job, yet at the same time is a telling moment neocons, hawks and the like will just have to ignore when a soldier says something like, “I don’t feel like I’m defending my country any more.”
OK, maybe there’s more than one such moment. Several soldiers appearing in the film are killed during filming or post-production. A soldier jokes about the “quality Iraqi armor”, AKA scrap metal, that has been welded to their thin-skinned Hummer. And while the film shows several bad guys being captured, they are then shipped off to Abu Ghraib, all of which takes place before the photos of the torture taking place there will be exposed.
There is little violence shown on camera, but the threat of it is always there. Statements by Rumsfeld are used as ironic background audio from time to time, making the whole thing seem surreal in an Apocalypse Now sort of way, particularly when the soldiers blow off steam, throwing a palace pool-side party they call “Gunnerpalooza 4.”
In the end, you can’t help feel sorry for everyone involved – the soldiers who signed up to defend their country but find themselves rebuilding someone else’s. The Iraqi civilians who may or may not have supported the previous regime, and may or may not support the current one, but who have to live with the threat of having their door busted in and people being dragged off to torture chambers – still. The kids, too young to know any better, who have been taught to hate their enemies by their religious zealot leader (you decide if I’m talking Iraqi kids or the babyfaced US soldiers…)
Goddamn, what a mess Bush led us into.
Say, have you heard? Next stop, Iran!

Last episode’s pro vs. anti underground ramblings from degenerate KH generated this response:

What a coward!! Degenerate KH's blame for early bar closing's points a
big, WHITE finger at one specific group. I wonder why he didn't say what
he really means? When's the next Klan meeting?
Degenerate SS

I am not a coward or a klan member just stating the facts n why the bars close early. Ask any club owner from Buckhead and they will give you the same exact answer. I am just stating the facts, so do not throw me under the bus. I am as far from racist as one can get. I guess you did'nt hear or see my comment about the yuppie's(or should I have said yuppie white clone scum) that frequent Buckhead. But it wasn't the yuppie's that got the hours changed. Maybe you should read all of what I said and not just the parts your bleeding liberal heart wants to see. More selective reading on the parts of bozo's with supposed brains. But then again you may be one of those yuppie's so I better watch out. So if I am a Klan card member and you are Mr. judgemental let me hear your thoughts on why the bars closed earlier, bigshot!! Facts only allowed, please!! As far as coward goes well i guess my two combat patches one from Operation Just Cause in Panama and one from the 1st desert storm with the 3rd Ranger Battalion does'nt count. What about you? Here is my phone number 404-597-3765 call me and i will give you my address and you can come over and we can talk about your comment!!
Degenerate KH

I hear about people getting shot at Underground and in Buckhead "all the time". I don't remember ever hearing about anyone getting shot at Dottie's/Lenny's, Daddy Dz, or the Crazy Horse down the street (maybe that one guy they found next to the dumpster, I'm not counting that).
I believe I will keep my partying over here on the safe side of town.
Degenerate SHC

Editor’s note: this is the last episode containing debate on the Underground subject until something new arises. Go if you want, but we’ll likely avoid the place until the city council relaxes the closing time laws.

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