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Degenerate SW put these links together for your Tsunami aid efforts:

Here are some organizations listed on for making donations.

Here’s a list of charities on NPR.

I recommend Oxfam as they are secular (no religious ties)

In other sad news, Sneeches Noble had to be put down today due to complications from cancer. Sneeches is fondly remembered as “the best damn cat in the house,” but was also well known for single-handedly decimating the population of small rodents in Howell Station. He is survived by his adopted family, brother “Lazy” Louie and “Crazy Aunt” Puddy.

While the city sleeps, ev’ry night he creeps,
Just surveying his domain,
He roams around like he owns the town,
He’s the king, he makes that plain,

He knows ev’ry trick, doesn’t miss a lick,
When it comes to keepin’ fat,
Some city slicker! No one is quicker than...
That darn cat!

Ev’ry nook and cranny and garbage can
He inspects so thoroughly!
When he’s on his rounds, nothin’s out of bounds
To his curiosity,

He can smile and purr at a pretty her
Till she don’t know where she’s at,
Nose like a geiger! Oh, what a tiger is...
That darn cat!

He’s a sly old codger, an artful dodger,
A scrounger unsurpassed,
A ball of fire, a nine-live wire,
Who just can’t be out-classed,

Yeah, this midnight rover, he lives in clover,
It’s an art he’s got down-pat,
Never was a greater smooth operator than...
That darn cat!

From the Disney film Aristocats.

So – anyone do anything fun for New Year’s Eve? Yeah? Well why don’t you tell us about it! Crap, this publication doesn’t write itself, y’know?

Meanwhile, check out our review of the Florida Panhandle, where we counted down to New Year’s twice:

In other news, our boycotting of Underground has some Degenerate support:

Touche' about Underground. We're playing it because of the hefty guarantee,
open bar and open menu for the band. We're very skeptical ourselves. I
just can't see people who enjoy our band seriously making plans to go and
party at Underground. That's like being in NYC and saying we're going to
eat at Mama Leone's, haw haw haw. Just ain't gonna happen. Now if that
Alley Cat club took over the 9 Lives space or other suitable vacant
locations, then they might have something. What a shame the proprietor is
making a very cool club in a very uncool location.
Dengenerate VS

Once upon a time in an Atlanta now far far gone there was the most incredible party place ever and it was Underground Atlanta. Then it really was underground and all the original streets, store fronts and gas street lights were in tact. There was even an old time arcade with wooden crank peep shows and all sorts of cool original old games. It was like going back in time. There were tons of cool clubs that looked ancient on the outside but kicked it on the inside. Every place had humongus specialty drinks and you got to keep your souvenir glass. It was like a giant street party as people bar hopped and swayed down the street trying to balance their tower of drinks. There were regular restaurants for old folks and kids and if you could ignore the governor signing ax handles at his souvenir shop it was fun for all. Of course it ironically fell into decline because there was only one way in (it was underground) and the police just couldn't seem to muster up the numbers to watch over the drunken revelers so they became sitting ducks for muggers and thieves. Eventually it was so dangerous that Atlanta's most prized attraction turned to dust. Then they ran MARTA through most of it, turned the remnants into a crappy mall that isn't even really underground anymore and wondered why nobody wanted to go there anymore. Sure I want to fight off derelicts, pay too much to park so I can visit a dollar store and the Gap. NOT!!!! I have the best memories and had some of the most extreme fun ever there and I will never darken the door way of the sham that is now called Underground Atlanta. Funny now there aren't enough police to guard their precious Buckhead but about 30 years too late they can patrol Underground. Where were the cops when there was something there worth protecting? Screw them! I'm with you boycott the farce they call Underground and let the REAL Underground rest in peace. For those of you who missed it, it was one wild ride.
Degenerate LS

After recently sitting thru "It's a Wonderful Life" hungover Christmas night, I couldn't
help but think how the Atlanta City Council reminds me of the character Mr. Potter.
In the coming months will we hear about clubs outside Underground
that are competition losing their licenses for code violations ? Or police systematically setting
up roadblocks near these clubs to harass outgoing patrons ? Or better still, mysterious fires ?!
Ok, kidding about the mysterious fires, but the Council can make its own rules as it goes along
to make sure their "entertainment district" is patronized before other places. And if that makes
club owners outside of Underground inconvenienced till they give up, I think they would go that far.
Degenerate DD

-Good luck to the new clubs, I know they didn't have a choice, but I have no plans to ever go there.

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