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We slapped together a review of the International Hits Winter Formal at the Earl:
As usual, it’s packed with purty pictures so us dial-up folks must exercise patience.

In other news, we got this from degenerate JH:

I meant to hit you with my comments about the POV before your next installment, but since there are still a few more nights of this gig left, I thought I'd throw in my $0.02.
The Death Star after a Trading Spaces make-over pretty nicely sums up the decor. I was hoping for something a little more garish, or a little kitchier (word?) but it is more like 80s cheese than 60s or 70s, making me think I was on an episode of Love Boat or something. And yes, the drinks were very pricey. However, if you start a tab, move around the room a lot, and make friends with Aussie bartender Paul, who was always up to the task of creating the drink you are looking for, then you will be rewarded when you settle your tab. At least 3 of my drinks miraculously disappeared from the total, and Paul insisted that I was wrong when I tried to be honest. He was well rewarded for his effort. Plus there's live entertainment with no cover, show girls, free parking, and a free glass elevator ride (you have to pay at the Peachtree Plaza). Yeah, it would be nice if they had a separate price list for those not on expense accounts, but all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. If you like getting dressed up and putting on the ritz every once in a while, you will have a great evening. The Wickershams take requests, as well, so if you and your honey have a favorite tune to dance to, they can probably play it. Might be a good way to get out of the doghouse if your Valentine's Day present didn't go over well, or you didn't get one at all.

If "Sideways" is an everyman film, we're in serious trouble. I hope that that film is more symptomatic of the left coast than ours.
Degenerate PK

What about the film made you think California? If it’s the obsession with wine, I beg to differ. The wine country was merely the background to the tale. As mentioned last episode, the character’s sole passion could’ve been comics, music, movies, anything.
The best friend character who hopped from woman to woman in a last ditch effort to feel free before marriage? Christ, if that’s a symptom of Californication 99% of the male species is living in the wrong place.
Was it the neurosis? Degenerate CD pointed out to me, in a conversation a few days ago, that the film had much in common with Woody Allen movies and I doubt you’d label him “left coast.” If being lonely and neurotic only happens in California we may as well rename the planet.
No, I felt the character was just your average Joe at one of those below average time periods that come up in most people’s lives. My only issue with the film is I’m tired of films that portray your average Joe’s day to day dull life. Oh, and the fact that every one of these films has the same, predictable romantic ending. Crap, can’t someone just be alone at the end of a movie? Does everyone find true love in the end? No, sometimes the (wine) glass is all empty.

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