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“You are breathlessly, heavingly, pulsatingly, drippingly, hot & wetly, not to mention stickily, quiveringly, and screamingly, screamingly, screamingly full of shit. But we love you anyway, just for the effort.”
Degenerate ES

"Please sign me up for the new Rhymes-With-Corn version of the Dgen site. I
intend to pay my monthly subscribers' fee with a combination of Play Money,
Playdough, Confederate scrip, rubber checks, rubber chickens, rubber ducks,
and rubbers that have "met the road," so to speak. (Hey, YOU are the one who
posited Adult Content here!)
Happy April."
Degenerate GN

I’d like to thank all those who responded to our April Fool’s Day broadcast. I didn’t get nearly as many suckers this year as usual but I got a few. No, Degenerate Press is not going porn, at least not full-time. Heck, we can’t even get our weekly reports up lately, much less a money-making effort in adult entertainment. My digital camera runneth over with photos from Tiki Torch Night a couple of weeks ago, the T. Rex tribute at the Earl and sundry other events I haven’t even downloaded to my machine, much less processed and uploaded in a review.
Meh. You should’a been there.
We’d probably get on it tonight except it’s the first night of the Drive Invasion season and we’ve gotta pack up and head to the theater for Sin City. Sure, we saw it already but it’s worth seeing again and it’s the first night of the season for us Invaders and I can’t miss that. Heck, I almost would’a gone to see Beauty Shop just to hang with the Invaders on our first week back at the drive in.
Speaking of, there’s a whole mess of special events this year at Starlight. The monthly Mondo Movie night starts up this month and they’re adding another night of retro mayhem once a month, the monster movie fest that fell through last year is supposed to happen this summer, and I’ve already heard people planning ahead for the big Drive Invasion on Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately, their web site is a bit out of date so I’m on the prowl for the scoop so you, local readers, will be in the know. Stay tuned.

So the pope is dead. I might feel sympathy for his followers if he hadn’t called homosexuality “an abomination” recently, not to mention his stance on women as priests, celibacy for priests, birth control…
Crap, now that I think about it the list goes on and on. But hey, it only took the church a few hundred years to forgive Galileo after imprisoning him for suggesting Copernicus might’ve had something in his theory that the Earth wasn’t the center of the fuckin’ universe, so I should probably forgive the pope for his outdated views.
Just give me a few hundred years…
Meanwhile, it’s time to crack the seal on a fresh pope. Whatever happened to Father Guido Sarducci? Now there’s a pope I could vote for.

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