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Caught a preview screening of Kung Fu Hustle this week. If Tex Avery had made The Matrix as a kung fu flick it might be something like Kung Fu Hustle. Itís damn hilarious. The computer effects arenít quite as clean and pretty as The Matrix, but after a few scenes it stopped bothering me because the film doesnít take itself seriously. And the director has such an eye for humor that it couldíve been done with stick figures in a flip-book and still be hilarious. But he definitely knows how to use computer-generated effects for full effect, even if they arenít quite as picture perfect as other films. And the characters in Kung Fu Hustle make Neo and company seem like a bunch of high school posers. A black trench coat is so passť. Try to pull off bright green alligator shoes with gold tassels, striped golf pants, a yellow shirt and a green neckerchief Ė and still come off as a badass. You almost donít need to see another kung fu movie ever, since this one seems to take the wire fu CGI cartoonish violence beyond itís logical conclusion. Goddamn, itís brilliant. Between this and Sin City, which we caught a second time at the drive in this week, itís already been a great summer for movies Ė and summer ainít even here yet.

Crap, we really shouldíve put together those reviews from the Tiki Torch Night at the T. Rex tribute. But hey, weíve reviewd Tiki Torch Night before and T. Rex would be familiar faces if you saw our Winter Formal review a couple of weeks ago. Maybe this weekend weíll see something fresh and new. Or maybe not. With the weather lately we often find ourselves on a porch or a deck somewhere, already drinking margaritas by 6 PM, so by the time a show gets going at 11 weíre demotivated and intoxicated. Ah, spring!

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