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We spent the weekend at Corndogorama. I hope to get a full review up later in the week but for now I’ll just say – kick ASS. I wanted to do the full four days but by Sunday there was no way I could handle another night. It’s a good sign when a party can outlast my desire to party!

The weekly visit to the drive in was for Batman Begins last time around. I had some concerns about the film. I’d heard he runs off to Tibet to learn Kung Fu or something, but this is handled very well (yeah yeah, so it’s close to what the comic book had done originally, I’m more concerned about my entertainment value in the film here rather than fictional historical accuracy.) The movie is a bit less cartoonish than the Tim Burton flavor, making the darkness of the plot and visuals that much more dark. It feels like it’s taken seriously, which is tough to pull off with a comic book hero dressed up like a rubber bat. But somehow the film tackles this challenge well and the character and his toys are almost believable.
Katie Homes appears as a sort of unrequited love interest, something that’s believable except for her career as assistant to the district attorney, something she seems too young, innocent and cute to pull off. The part should’ve gone to someone her fiancé’s age, or they should’ve made her a law student or intern.
The same goes for Dr. Crane/the Scarecrow. He just seems a bit too young to be the head of a psychiatric program at Arkham Asylum. But the Scarecrow scare effects are so nifty his age is easily overlooked.
The Batmobile is a bit more like a tank or armored personnel carrier than the previous goth James Bondish vehicles. It’s interesting but would’ve worked better if Batman’s other toys had been a bit less polished. The car doesn’t seem to fit.
But I had to try hard to find these few flaws. This movie makes the George Clooney version look like the camp TV series. I was reminded of a joke in the Dork Tower comic strip lately, “The full title of this one is ‘Batman Begins Not To Suck Again!’”

Courtesy of degenerate LS:
Now I happen to think Bush's social security 'reforms' are just a smoke
screen to cover up the fact that he has 'borrowed' all the reserves for
his stupid war and doesn't want to pay it back, but he may be on to
something. If Bush thinks the average American can better manage
his/her own retirement accounts better than the government then just
maybe we could be better at say choosing what we read, what our children
read, what we see on TV and in the movies. Hell maybe women might even
be able to control their own bodies better than the government. Perhaps
we could decide which alternative power sources to fund, what medical
research gets done, whether or not we choose to grow hemp, my goodness
if this the average American can think for himself better than the
government can do it for him thing really catches on then we might just
return to the kind of liberty this country was founded on.

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