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We've pretty much completed the move over to the new web host so we decided to update our online collection of archived episodes of Electric Degeneration. Now you can wallow in the misery that was the year leading up to the 2004 election, the smell of victory and the agony of defeat, as well as the dozens of shows, CD's, movie reviews, road trips and more:
Can you believe the next time we update the vaults we'll probably have a full decade of Electric Degeneration?!? Crap, the ezine goes back farther than that but we don't have copies of those pre-web versions. And before that there was Degeneration Excerpt, our meager paper zine that was the first official Degenerate Press offering, starting way back inÖ geez, I can't rememberÖ 1993? Has it been that long? Holy crap, I should really find something worthwhile to do with my spare time! Just let me finish this rum...

Degenerate CD and I skipped this weekís drive invasion vote of The Island, since Iíd seen it, and headed to the next lot for Wedding Crashers. It tells the tale of a couple of guys who troll weddings in search of eager bridesmaids looking for love, or at least lust for a night. Itís cute and funny and of course ends up as a slightly difficult to believe love story but thereís enough laughs along the way to make it worth watching. Will Farrel makes a hilarious cameo, but I donít want to give too much away since there arenít many surprises in this one. Worth seeing at the drive in or matinee, but not hilarious or interesting enough for a full $8 movie night.
On the other hand, SW and I caught a screening of The 40 Year Old Virgin on Thursday and just about coughed up a lung itís so goddamn funny. Itís the funniest thing Iíve seen in years (at least intentionally funny.) Steve Carell plays a man who just didnít get any and eventually settled into a life of not trying. His deadpan faÁade is perfect for the film and the supporting cast do a great job as well. I didnít know anything about this film in advance, which only made it even funnier. And I had forgotten how natural you can make language sound in a rated R film (wow, actual use of the F word!) Go see it for yourself, but then feel good that youíre doing something for the lost genre of adult comedy! Goddamn teenagers and PG-13 ratings have killed comedy in this country.
In the end as it turns into a romantic comedy it goes flaccid Ė for about 5 minutes, then more than makes up for it before the closing credits. I can't wait for it to be released, August 19, just so I can see it again. Fuckin' hilarious!

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