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Last week’s motocross event at the drive in was a blast with hundreds of motorcycles tearing around the newly renovated track behind Starlight Drive In. As if lots of screaming machines weren’t enough, there was (mostly lousy) live music, (fantastic) corndogs, scantily clad (too) young girls, vendors – and a free movie. We didn’t stick around for Supercross the Movie but snuck into the lot next door for Stealth.
It was perhaps worse than even I expected. Half the film contains scenes that are direct rip-offs of 2001: A Space Odyssey and the other half doesn’t feature nearly enough scantily clad Jessica Biel. The story… well, apparently the U.S. Air Force builds a jet driven by a computer. It gets struck by lightening and what happens to any computer/robot/Frankenstein’s Monster when it gets hit by lightening/toxic waste/a rift in the time/space continuum? It turns evil, of course! Leaving the pilots, Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx, and “the poor man’s Matthew McConaughey” Josh Lucas to hunt it down, while dodging (and/or killing) innocent Russian pilots that think they’re being invaded.
The chemistry they try to build up between Jessica and Josh falls as flat as the plot. In the end, you’re just hoping Jessica will end up in a wet t-shirt or something to make your hour and a half worthwhile, but instead you get a rescue scene that’s so full of plot holes you wouldn’t need a stealth fighter to sneak through.

This week we saw Devil’s Rejects, Rob Zombie’s sequel to House of 1000 Corpses. The directing is impressive, particularly in the scenes where the psychopaths torment their victims for the sheer pleasure of it. But it’s difficult to care about the main characters, as they are the psychopaths. The victims come too fast too. Sure, they’re innocent bystanders, as far as you know, but you don’t feel much for them before they’re slaughtered. There’s not much of a plot to get wrapped up in either. The cops attack a house occupied by a family of serial killers. The rest of the film the killers are on the run, killing as they go. It’s not so much scary or suspenseful as it is disturbing.
But the cheery classic rock soundtrack is a fun contrast to the Charles Manson meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre visuals

OK, people, I hate to say I agree with Bush on anything but I do not believe he should meet with Cindy Sheehan. The only reason the left supports her is because she's anti-war but if she camped out there in support of pro-lifers or any other conservative cause the left would tear her to bits.
But I don't care which side she's on in this case. Camping out at the president's ranch demanding to see him is not how we go about things in our government or society. If he did meet with her there would be another person out there next week holding him hostage for their own agenda, then another after that. I'm not going to bash Bush for not meeting with her. I wouldn't either.
Bash Bush on his handling of the war, the economy, civil rights, the war on drugs, or even just the amount of vacation time he takes, but don't bash him because he won't let someone push him around and demand to see him just because they feel strongly about something and are willing to sleep in the ditch outside his house.
I do support her right to stage the protest, garner all the media attention she can get, rally others to her cause, etc., and the longer the president refuses to see her the better it looks for her - but I'm sick of hearing about it.
Not that I have any better ideas on how to end this war. We shouldn't have gone in, but we did so now we need to make sure we leave that nation in a better state than we found it, rather than an open cesspit as a breeding ground for more religious zealots and terrorists (anyone remember Afghanistan?) HOW we do this I have no idea.
Meanwhile, North Korean, Iran, and who knows who else are actually building the WMD's we knew weren't in Iraq, yet they know we can't do shit about it since we're stuck to the tarbaby. Were I in their shoes I'd build nuclear weapons too, as fast as I could.
Thanks for making us safer, W!

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