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An interesting article about terrorism on the home front, and what has become the primary target of the FBI (it ain't what you think it is):
Meanwhile, in hurricane news reports you’ll hear someone say “I’m just thanking the Lord we survived” every few minutes. I ask the TV every time, “Did you also thank God for the storm in the first place? Did you thank God for killing all those other people? Flooding all those towns? Destroying your home?”
It seems only insurance companies have the balls to label the WHOLE mess “an act of God.” Everyone only wants to thank Him for the good stuff. Hey, if He (or She, or They, or It) really existed He might have worked hard on that project and He deserves your praise AND fear. Catch up on your Old Testament!
Maybe I’m just grumpy. Here in Atlanta there is a hint of fall in the air. Something about the clear sky, low humidity, breeze, position of the sun, something. Long time readers are likely painfully aware of the fall funk your editor slips into mid-September to mid-October. But somehow the breeze this afternoon brought a slight manic electricity to me this time. Maybe it's because I've had a tough, depressing summer for reasons I won't go into, but for the first time in memory I'm actually looking forward to a change of season - at least at this exact moment. Perhaps it'll bring a change of situation and/or attitude as well.
But hey, at least I can always say " I visited New Orleans pre-K(atrina)!"

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