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Saw Fantastic 4 as this weekís pick at the drive in. Yeah, I know itís been out a month but it didnít win the vote on its opening weekend and thereís been better stuff since, so by now youíve already seen it or donít have any interest in it. But we didnít do anything else worthy of mention this week so this is all you get. Oh, plus the usual updates to the Prophesy section. Tune in next week for a review of Chattanooga's night life and the World's Longest Yard Sale. Anyhow, back to our Fantastic 4 review.

ďWill I understand it if I havenít seen Fantastic 1, 2 or 3?Ē
From the Statler and Waldorf film reviews at

Yes, even if you havenít seen Fantastics 1-3 youíll understand how bad this movie sucks. I was never a fan of the Fantastic 4 comic. It was occasionally cool when The Thing would clobber something but he didnít have the strength of the Hulk, either physically or as an interesting character. The other characters were even weaker.
The film takes a few minor liberties with the heroesí origins, and tosses away Dr. Doomís original character in favor of something less sinister, i.e. boring and predictable. With a boring and predictable villain, heroes and plot thereís not much left. A bit of special effects spectacle but nothing you canít see in more interesting summer fare. Crap, the heroes donít even do many heroic acts other than defend themselves against Dr. Doom, so itís tough to care about anyone in this flick. Donít bother, even when it comes out on cable. You can find something better to do with an hour and a half of your limited existence.

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