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Watched Transporter 2 at the drive in on Tuesday with a couple of other regulars. Apparently most folks had had enough of the drive in after the weekend, but I wanted to see the flick as I'd been pleasantly surprised by the first one and reviews of 2 said things like "This shiny sequel is cheap, nonsensical and obscenely enjoyable." ( It looked like a perfect drive in movie - car chases, kung fu, a girl in lingerie shooting guns, explosions - it only lacked aliens, zombies and/or a giant rubber monster.
The fight sequences are good, but a few uses of wire fu keep them from being great. The car stunts are so over the top we just laughed out loud. The girl in lingerie is a skinny little stick, but she makes a fun exaggerated villainess. The plot - plot? There was a plot? Oh yeah, something about infecting the head of the DEA with a killer virus by injecting it into his kidnapped son. STUPID. But fun. Like going out with someone dumb who's really good in bed - you grin a lot, but afterward you don't necessarily remember why.

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