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Dames Aflame
The Wau Wau Sisters
July 2005

Saturday we headed back to Eyedrum, despite the sauna-like conditions of our previous visit, to catch a night of music and burlesque. Fortunately, the place seems to have functional AC these days. Unfortunately for you, my photos didn’t turn out so hot. I put together the best review I could, but take my word for it – you should’a been there.

When we arrived the joint was already packed. We didn't reserve the $25 VIP tables up front and from the back my little camera just couldn't capture the action. But holy cow, them Dames were hot!

A few minutes later degenerates SW and SVA spotted local celeb Hollis Gillespie up front and joined her at the table. I handed my camera over to SW so most of the shots in this review were hers. Unfortunately she's not as familiar with our new camera as I am so even from up close we didn't get the best photos.

Reverend Uncle Laffo played MC for the night, heckling the folks in the front row and telling perverse tales, breaking only to introduce the acts almost as an afterthought.
The night featured a little something for everyone, even an act or three for the ladies (or the boys who like boys) with Chico done up in Vegas style feathers and glitter, shaking his stuff.
Chinita reprised her act from the Hollis Gillespie book signing show, as a sexy stewardess who strips down to her propellers. She had technical difficulties with them at the Hollis show, which had only added to the humor of the presentation, but this time she got off the ground on the first try!
My favorite burlesque babes of all time, The Wau Wau Sisters, performed an act seemingly tailor-made for Laffo.
It featured clowns, creme pies, lesbianism - if only they'd been midgets!
They stripped down to reveal bodies sculpted from marble, thanks in part, I'm sure, to their incredible trapeze act I've seen them perform at Tease-O-Rama.
They reached into their drawers and tossed popcorn into the crowd.
They weren't the only sculpted hot bods of the night. The crowd featured quite a few pretty faces and amazing bodies, something you get at a burlesque show (in addition to the fun performances) that you don't get at the local strip clubs.

I lurked outside during intermission, chatting with the Wau Wau's and other smokin' hot girls. And by smokin', I mean metaphorically and literally. There was no smoking indoors, so all the nicotine junkies had to lurk outside in the rain.

There was some fantastic singing in there, some belly dancing, monkey girls, a giant crack pipe, fire breathing - crap, what more do you need? How about a fabulous tribute to Josephine Baker?

Mike Geier came out as a chef with a sexy frog. He put her up on the cutting board and prepared to make some frog legs.

Unfortunately for him the frog's legs began to dance, seducing him. Next thing he knew...

As if seeing Mike in fishnets wasn't enough, The Wau Wau sisters returned and did the act that made them my favorites. Degenerate SVA leaned over mid-giggle and asked why I wasn't taking pictures.
"Batteries just ran out of juice - perfect." I said.
Why perfect? Because it's an act that's so good I almost don't want to review it. If I hadn't reviewed it before I would probably just tell you "you should'a been there" and leave it at that. But I've reviewed it before with lovely black and white pictures so check out our Tease-O-Rama 2003 review. Besides, photos just don't do these shows justice.

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