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Atlanta Rollergirls have been playing nothing but local teams for their first few seasons, but Sunday they put together an all-start team to play a visiting city for the first time. You can watch Las Vegasí Sin City Neanderdolls vs. Atlanta Rollergirls via their web site, since the entire match was filmed by some folks over at Turner:
Spoiler alert Ė read no further if you want to watch the match and donít want to know the results!

The Neanderdolls impressed me from the moment they skated onto the rink for their introduction Ė theyíre big girls, and not just big-boned. Some of our biggest girls were out due to injuries or not participating in the match for other reasons, so I worried that size might be a factor.
By the end of the first period, my fears were justified, and then some.
Despite their size, the Neaderdolls were nimble on the course. They also played well as a team, setting up a defense that shut down ARG. We were already 20 points down at first intermission, despite the Neaderdolls griping about the job the refs were doing. By the end of the game they had skated right over the local ladies, trouncing them by some 50 or 60 points.
It was educational seeing what a team from another town could do with the sport and if Iím ever in Vegas again Iíll have to catch a match on their home rink.

A couple of degenerates and myself caught Martin Scorsese's latest, The Departed, on Tuesday.
*Not good.*
I wondered if it was a bad omen that there was overuse of lighting effects right off the bat. Jack Nicholson spends a full minute chatting away with his face obscured in shadow. But eventually he leans into the light and about 5 minutes of movie later, the opening credits roll - another omen.
This is going to be a long, heavy-handed affair.
Sure, it's packed full of male stars, but honestly it could do with one or two LESS. Alec Baldwin and Mark Wahlberg play essentially the same over-the-top character (heck, Jack Nicholson is pretty similar as well.) The lone female character feels like an afterthought, "Wait, we need a chick.
How about one that gets entangled in both major characters, yet does not interfere with the plot we've got going?"
Half the film feels like it's on the brink of satire of the entire cops and gangsters genre. And holy crap is it long! 151 minutes, but it feels like half the night goes by before you're released from the theater, exhausted - and not in a good way.
"Rated R for strong brutal violence, pervasive language, some strong sexual content and drug material." Strong, brutal violence indeed. I've seen fewer fountains of blood in a Rob Zombie flick. By the end of the film pretty much everyone has been shot, many of them multiple times.
But neither the excessive length or excessive violence bothered me nearly as much as the gratuitous cinematography. If it were any heavier handed old Marty couldn't lift his arms off the floor. It feels like one of his lectures on film brought to life, "Here you can see where the use of shadow and the steam rising from the streets conceals the actor, symbolizing the character's concealment of his identity." It's like one long montage homage to noir without enough light to make the dark seem dark in contrast. At the end of the story, all about rats within the police and rats within the mafia, Marty even has the gall to focus on an actual rat crawling along as the final shot before the credits roll. "Holy cow, you have GOT to be kidding me!" I thought.
Degenerate DAC said, "Well I loved it! I'm sick of subtle movies." It should be noted he has skipped the drive in the last few weeks when we saw Jackass
2 and School for Scoundrels. I donít know what subtle films he has been seeing, but I'm sure The Departed has sledgehammered those memories away.
If you need 151 minutes (that feels more like 3 hours) of sheer testosterone, check it out.

I had to skip the end of blaspemy because it was depressing the hell out of me, but then, luckily, I caught the bit. I love it!
Thanks for sharing it.
degenerate BH

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