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Jucifer, Zoroaster, and Babyshaker at the Star Bar:

Last episode generated a lot of fan mail:

Its is this subscriber's opinion that you need to piss more people off, hate mail is one of the most funniest things ever. I can just feel the writer’s anger and disappointment with all the caps and punctuation.
Degenerate C (last initial unknown)

I went back and re-read the brief posting (a.k.a "the VERY CRAPPY review") which inspired Mr. Schulz's rant, and I literally cannot believe his totally deranged reaction to it.
The so-called musician who wrote this must have an ego the size of a zeppelin barn and an asshole of similar scale. Imagine trying to play in a band with such a lunatic! The horror! The horror!
"...what we did was AUTHENTIC to a TEE!! SHow me another band who even has our instrumentation..."

What nonsensical yammering! Their guitarist plays a Les Paul -- an instrument that Scotty Moore never used -- and he stands on the right side of the stage instead of the left. Geez, if these poots can't even get THAT right, your review was far, far too kind.

I can't believe your review set that guy off.
That was nothing, seemed fair to me.
Sounds like a bitter man.
Plus, I like the name Harold Schwartz better anyways, maybe can get some bar mitzvah gigs.
Degenerate DD
"How may times to I have to tell you? It's Harold Schwartz and then puppet show "

Degenerate FF even wrote Harold “Elvis” Shulz an email and posted a copy on our livejournal:
Just a bit of fan mail to let you know that the only reason I made it to one of your shows was because of the decent review that you got from Degenerate Press back in August 2005. I even agreed with Fred's assessment that your performance was a cut above the rest of most other Elvis Impersonator shows.
Also, if you wish to NOT be considered an Elvis Impersonator, then maybe (this is just constructive criticism), just maybe, you should remove those two words from your website as it is the first two words that ANYONE is going to read when they get to your site.
Still, regardless of your personal views of what type of artist you consider yourself, you do put on a good show and I enjoyed my time being entertained by your group.
Keep up the good work.

We watched Woody Allen's new flick Match Point this week.
Sure, it has some pretty faces, even my favorite face, Scarlett Johansson.
The acting is decent for the most part, though Jonathan Rhys-Meyers does the lead role no justice at all. It's supposed to be the portrait of a man climbing the social ladder from former tennis pro turned struggling tennis trainer to wooing the daughter of a multimillionaire. Along the way he meets Scarlett Johanssson, struggling actress, and falls in lust. Now he has a decision to make - stay with the rich girl who's father has given him a swell job and cushy life that bores him, or pursue the other woman that gets his blood pumping? Degenerate SW reassured me as the film began to bore me that it turned into a whodunit. I vaguely remember hearing something about that so I impatiently continued to watch. Two hours into it someone is finally killed and the only suspense in the entire film is resolved in the last 2 minutes.
Not worth watching, even if you have a thing for Scarlett Johansson or Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. Just browse some of their photos online instead.

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