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I got a couple of CD's a month ago or more that have been sitting on my To Do heap, forgotten until I did some tidying around the office. I neglected some important prophesies for the weekend as well, so again you get two in one week. You can handle it, can't you?

Local label Shut Eye Records sent me Robin Deal Salmon's CD Gasoline. It has a country sound that's not usually our cup of tea, but it's well produced and is more old school than new pop country. It's good, with an honest sound that sometimes borders on singer/songwriter straitforwardness. Weepy slide guitars in the background contrast with perky mandolin sounds. If you like country music and you're looking for something new, but not "new country", you should definitely pick this up.

We also got an EP from local group The Five Foot Flame. We don't usually review EP's but there's nothing else in our To Do bin and they're local, so what the hell. Their press materials state "We're a four-piece garage rock/dark wave band with influences ranging from Joy Division to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club." The CD, Strange Humors, only has three songs on it, so there's not a lot to go on. Things start off with The Hook, a 90's Sisters of Mercy sound, driving guitars and electronic sounds. Making History, the second track, has more of a downbeat sound that reminded me of some U2 tunes. It wraps up with The Stair Grind, familiar sounding rock, reminding me of something I couldn't quite place. The vocals have a pleading quality to them, sort of Morrisey-esque. The guitars are fuzzy. Simple drums.
Nothing new or special here, but well produced.

In other news, the Loafing sent us this:

Think of the Georgia Music Directory as a phonebook for the music community.
It will feature the booking info and descriptions of bands, DJs and musicians based in Georgia so labels and promoters and all those people that look for bands can find them. But that’s not all! The directory will also feature contact information for venues and festivals held in Atlanta and Athens so bands trying to book themselves gigs can talk to the right people.
We’ll even throw in radio station contact info, too.
Best of all: It’s FREE to register at for all bands, DJs and musicians. FREE!
We have only one rule: You must be a practicing DJ, musician or band based in the state of Georgia.
That’s it. And it’s free! The Georgia Music Directory comes out April 13 along with Creative Loafing’s Southeast Music Guide! Did we mention registering is free?
Other folks who offer musicians services – public relations companies, flyer printing and distributors, CD duplication services, lawyers, etc. – can email keith.luckmann at creativeloafing dot com for more info about ads.

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