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We got this from degenerate SW:
“I just got around to reading your latest electric degeneration and the film review of World’s Fastest Indian. I think you were right on with your comments except for the rating.
Rated PG-13 "for brief language, drug use and a sexual reference." The "drug use" is Bill's heart medication. The "language" is so mild I can't even remember it (perhaps Kiwi curses don't catch my attention) and the "sexual reference" is a moment when Burt and a random woman wake up together.
The drug use is Paul Rodriguez’s character Fernandez lighting up a joint after Burt almost kills them while driving on the wrong side of the street.
Sexual reference is Burt’s casual relationships with Fran (the woman “back
home”) and Ada (Diane Ladd) as well as the hookers Burt encounters and the transsexual Tina Washington.
I agree about the language – whatever is offensive is brief and forgettable.
Those are my two cents.”

I, yer editor, have joined the citizenry of the late 20th century. Due to a business trip to DC this week, I now own a suit that is not a polyester joke and a cellphone. It’s an odd sensation, frankly, knowing that if my antique auto breaks down on the highway, as it threatened to do today, I won’t have to walk to the nearest exit in the cold just to find one of the rare payphones that still exist in the wild.
This trip may result in some big news in the next couple of months, so stay tuned, and of course a write-up of our 22 hours in DC will appear next week, same random time, same random babble.
No Ear Plugs this week ‘cause we barely left the apartment this weekend.
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