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What's blasphemous about it? Me turning my hobby into a trade, that's what!
Cripes, I'd forgotten what a pain in the butt it is to write for paper publications. I have a hard time with word counts. Either I don't want to say enough (the age-old "You should'a been there" was quoted by degenerate LH when discussing using me for the paper) or I finally get good and worked up and next thing I know half my column is cut by some editor who has no choice but to gut the thing so it'll fit.
And deadlines? WTF? If I could just turn on my brilliant creativity like a faucet Iíd be fuckiní Stephen King with hundreds of novels out there and money pouring in.
Paper. Feh. Sure, you can carry the thing around, but one of these days it'll all be podcast and it'll be quality over quantity, from an editing standpoint. Yeah, yeah, most writers are better with a good editor watching over them, but I'm not convinced I'm one of them.
The other thing I hate about the job is the schmoozing. A) Iím supposed to be polite and nice to people to get information from them. B) People go out of their way to be polite to me because they think Iíll attend their event and/or give them a positive review.
I can be polite, but I have a hard time being phony. Momma never taught me ďif you donít have anything nice to say, donít say anything.Ē This works in my favor when Iím writing, but not so much on the personal interaction level.
I also hate it when people are phony to me. If you think Iím an ass, or have no feelings about me whatsoever, donít pretend otherwise. Above all, I value blunt honesty and my feelings are not easily hurt. I spent years in art school taking criticism, constructive and otherwise, not to mention a couple decades as an outsider/geek/loser, so donít come around like a used car salesman and try to bullshit me into liking you.
I suppose it's still better than working for a living. The Thunderbird needs the money Ďcause SW keeps an iron grip on the purse strings around here (thankfully so, with my financial skills.) And it's encouraging me to diversify my coverage of Atlanta's distractions. So if you prefer paper, ignore the link above and head to your local newsstand.

Saturday we hit Midtown Art Cinema for CSA: Confederate States of America, a fictional documentary reporting on the country after the confederate victory in the civil war. It has moments that are cutting, moments that are cute, and moments that are cutesy. It is a thought-, giggle- and groan-provoking mix of history and ďwhat ifÖ?Ē but the inconsistency is a bit distracting.
Some of the sillier moments reminded of Weird Alís UHF. If you donít mind some slapstick mixed in with your political satire, check it out.

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