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The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees us a free press, and that ís exactly what you get with Degenerate Press Ė free.
And freedom is what I get from it. Degenerate GN puts it well:

Hahahahahah. April Fool's on you. <grin> You expect me to believe for even one second that you'd give up the Dgen forum in which, clearly, you can say whatever you want, however you want, and for as LONG as you want, and that you'd chuck it all so you could whore yourself out for pennies a word to tyrannical editors who castrate and mutilate your text so severely that it no longer says anything remotely like it did when you turned it in -- and who do this to you only after making you sign an exclusivity-laden freelance agreement which gives them not only total ownership of your work, but also the right to republish it in any collection or anthology of their own devising?
I think not.
--Degenerate G.N.
P.S. Always check the fine print...and keep your handguns fully loaded.

Every April 1st I get to pretend itís not worth the ISP and web hosting fees and throw it all away for something else and every year a few of you believe Iíd give it up. Sure, long-time subscribers have come to expect it. About February I get people asking me what this yearís April Foolery will bring, as if Iíd give it away. But for every person that expects, or at least gets, the joke, another person passes me on the street and bemoans the loss of my little effort.
No, Electric Degeneration is not yet dead. One of these April 1sts I WILL kill it, then nobody will believe it, sort of like when Andy Kaufman died.
Heck, maybe next year will be the year since Iím running out of ideas on why Iíd give this up. Iíve sold out to Jeff Clark, left for a job in Italy, been shut down by the FBI, shut it down myself to run for public office, Iíve killed Degenerate Press for every reason I can think of but, appropriate to the Easter season, rises anew shortly thereafter.
Not only is the E.D. still alive, but weíre kickiní Ė New York City style:

Iíve neglected some emails from subscribers lately. Sorry, been swamped with the Loafing gig on top of NYC reviews and such! Hereís one that got lost in the fray:

Dear Groucho,
Or now that you are older is that Grouchy ?
I stopped reading the "Loafer" after 9/11 basically for the same reasons you quit reading Stomp And Stammer.
But it was because of all the left wing ranting that was driving me to pull my hair out.
And from the emails and content of DP, I am sure I am one of only a few subscribers that lean towards conservative/libertarian here.
However, I can't do without my Degenerate Press.
Hell, I may even have to end my silly CL boycott that went unnoticed anyway and pick one up now that you are in it.
Degenerate DD

For those of you new to the subscriber list, or rejoining after an absence, welcome! Sorry you came in mid-joke, but at least you came.

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