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When I added an email newsletter to Degenerate Press efforts more than a decade ago, I was optimistic that this new technology would enrich the lives of all humans, giving us a more democratic method of communication that would provide an insightful, intelligent view of our fellow citizens of the planet.
Sure, I didnít bother spending hours researching facts to back up my ezines.
I only have two college degrees, and neither of them journalism-related, a handful of trips abroad and countless hours of educational TV to draw from for my rants on social, economic, artistic or philosophic issues. Hell, half the time I don't even spell-check.
But I hope that these ramblings would inspire others to share their insights, perhaps from a more knowledgeable standpoint, on whatever topic I raise, which might inspire an intellectual conversation in the technological utopia I imagined the internet would be.
My last ezine generated this response:

How did I get on the mailing list of someone so stupid?
Degenerate IM

Here are my arguments, point by point, in this spirited, erudite debate:
I know you are, but what am I?

But seriously, I donít know how you got on my mailing list. Most people sign up willingly, either through word-of-mouth/email, or through the form on the web site. There are a few people out there that have requested I sign up their friends, so itís possible theyíre actually asking me to sign up their enemies as a joke.
But you don't have to rely on my reviews. The Onion's AV Club reviewed An Inconvenient Truth as well.
As did
And it was reviewed on NPRís All Things Considered on Wednesday, including a detailed analysis of the science presented in the film. You can probably find that online as well.
But I bet you wonít. Detailed analysis apparently isnít your strong suit.

On the other had, degenerate GG sent us this:

Frederick - don't feel bad about your unwillingness to alter your behavior in response to the looming crisis of global warming. Looks like you're in the indisputably good company of Al Gore himself.

And this was years *after* the publication of his book, Earth In The Balance, which, as you know, told everybody else that they needed to shape up or else.....

In other publications, the latest Loafing effort is here:

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