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If you donít watch CSPAN or follow leftist news sites, you might not be aware that Stephen Colbert ripped W. a new one at the press dinner, with W. sitting a few feet away having to take it like a man:

I skipped the drive in this week as I'd already seen Lucky Number Slevin and I had some errands to run. However, I did catch a sneak preview of The Promise, a Chinese film that lands somewhere between Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Kung Fu Hustle, and some of those big-budget Japanese samurai flicks with thousands of soldiers in identical armor battling in sweeping valleys.
There are lots of pretty visuals, some natural, some CGI, some fine acting, and a plot that seems like an ancient Greek tragedy revised by Shakespeare and incorporated into ancient Chinese mythology. It's got romance and action enough to suit pretty much any audience, if you can handle things like mythical goddesses flying down to chat with children and a magic cloak that makes the wearer immortal - as long as he never takes it off.
My only complaint is the few moments when the special effects aren't so special and distract or even overwhelm the viewer. I don't need my kung fu fighters to be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but apparently that's the style of Chinese cinema since the invention of wire fu. CGI can take these ideas much farther, but The Promise had moments where it didn't work, as if they'd tried something a bit too ambitious (much like moments of Matrix 3.) These moments may not distract or bother you as they did me, but either way it's a fine film and should be seen on the big screen.

1. n. A resumption of diplomatic relations and rectification of boundaries.
2. A huge blast that separates combatants and makes them fight at long range.
From The Devilís Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce

I don't usually make this ezine about me. Sure, it is my voice and is chock full of my opinions, but it's not about my life. However, things in my life are about to change dramatically and rather than answer the same question a thousand times I'd rather just make a mass announcement.
Degenerate SW and myself are parting ways.
Yes, we are still the best of friends. Yes, it is amicable, but no less depressing. No, I don't want to go into detail.
Thanks to those who've sent kind words of support. And yes, there is something you can do. It's funny that times have changed in American society. It used to be that a couple would get married, move directly from their parents' houses into their new home together and would need things like bedding, dishes, appliances, etc.
But SW and I have been living together 6 years. If we'd gotten married we wouldn't have known what to register for had someone insisted (at gunpoint) in throwing us a shower. However, now that we're dividing up our household the idea of a shower sounds pretty damn good. So if some generous soul out there wants to donate a couch, microwave, bed, or regift some dishes, let us know. As soon as I find a place to put stuff, we might take it off your hands.
Obviously, I'm in the market for an apartment. See the classifieds for details on that.
And I may change this ezine, or create a blog, or pitch an article idea to the Loafing, to cover the personal life of a single 30-something male in search of distraction. If you're interested, let me know. It may help motivate me to actually do it. It would be something entirely new for me, so the idea both intrigues and intimidates.

Bachelor, n. A man whom women are still sampling.
From The Devilís Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce

Latest Loafing effort:
You may notice some new section headers this week. The stuff about metro Atlanta is in the Fallout section, while topics including political fallout are in the Metropolis section. Why? ĎCause they got a bunch of nutjobs running the joint, thatís why! Hey, some of those nutjobs are my best friends. In fact, all of my best friends are nutjobs, but only some of them run the Loafing. How do you think I got the temp gig?!?

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