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Yesterday I sat down and wrote up the announcement about my personal life. I had intended to run it by SW before it went out. But after a few glasses of wine later in the evening I stupidly sent it out without telling her. We had told a few of our friends and family already, but obviously not everyone.
Rather than reading it as part of some mass email tossed out in a moment of stupidity, many of you deserved to hear it in person. However, my biggest fault (ask anyone) is a lack of interpersonal skills. I often say things I shouldnít and, even more often, donít say things I should. So feel free to give me a swift kick in the ass next time you see me. I deserve it, and maybe itíll encourage me to improve my communication skills in the future.
Apologies to all who feel slighted at hearing it in such a callous and casual manner. And of course my biggest apologies to SW herself. I am a dumbass.
Thanks again to all who called and emailed with love and support.

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