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You didn't ask for it, but here it is anyway - Bubbapalooza 2006 in photographic form:

The usual Loafing:

And did anyone make it to the 6/6/06 festival at the Clermont? Send us a report! I was too busy packing, moving, building, etc.

Your editor unexpectedly won an ebay auction for a 1966 International Harvester Scout, a little 4x4 truck waiting to be rescued in northwest Alabama. Now I just gotta figure out how to GET the damn thing. It needs to be towed, as it has a few problems that Id rather not test on a long trip.
Anyone got a truck with a trailer hitch?? Gotta fetch the thing next week! I ll rent the trailer and pay for gas, food and entertainment!

On a different note, thank you for putting an appropriate analogy to the gentrification of Atlanta in CL. I will never look at school lunch the same way again. It looks like it made a few people uneasy about living separate
lives in a very small, er large neighborhood - relatively speaking. I have
been lost all over Kirkwood myself and to hold that against you instead of dealing with the real issues of race and class in the article as you did is just what this White House is all about. I guess we shouldn't expect people living in the state of Georgia to be any different....
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