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In vaguely related ideas, Iíve pretty much decided homosapiens are built to fight and no philosophical idea or religious inspiration or bumper sticker logic is going to change that. In fact, as the earth becomes more crowded it ís going to get worse. Competition for natural resources is going to drive wars like never before. Eventually weíll even drop the bullshit reasons Ė race, religion, WMDís Ė and just fight for oil, timber, food, water, or just a few square feet on which to squat. Itíll be like The Road Warrior but on a national/global level.
So now when I see the news about Israel/Lebanon/Syria/Iran, or U.S./Iraq/Afghanistan, or any other bloody squabble, sometimes I just shake my head and sometimes I laugh.
ďGo ahead, destroy each other. Tomorrow itíll be more of the same. And the next day. And the next. There might be a break one day, but itíll just start up again. Thereís no point in my worrying about it, much less trying to do anything to stop it, because we, as a species, are doomed. Our only hope is that the next version of sapiens is built differently, or that we donít destroy the place so badly that even the cockroaches canít build the next civilization.Ē
You can tell me Iím wrong, but I can show you any history book covering any time period as a counter argument, or turn on the news at any moment any day. What have you got as your proof there can be lasting peace?
At best, you can say we should work to make a difference in someoneís life.
But weíve got almost 7 billion someones and counting. How does the suffering or death of one more or less, or a dozen, or even a million, matter?
Yeah, itís bleak and cynical but at least giving up hope has freed me to laugh about it.

ďAnd if I laugh at any mortal thing,
ĎTis that I may not weep.Ē
Bryon, from Don Juan

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