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"The real Jesus forgives your Jesus for being a greedy republican warmonger."

Degenerate GT moved off to Texas a while back and sent us this report:
I visited the coolest dive bar ever in Dallas over the weekend. It's called Double-Wide. Half of the place is a bar/music venue, much like the Atomic was in Athens. There's a courtyard in the middle, and the other half is a bar/lounge, complete with wood paneling, macrame wall hangings, velvet paintings of semis, and tacky embroidered couches, formica & chrome dinettes and James Brown playing in the background. It doesn't sound as cool typed out, but when you walk in, it's so cozy that it makes ya feel like you could run to the fridge, get out some frozen lil debbies and kick your feet up in front of the window a/c. You would have loved it. Fabulously tacky. Fucking awesome. I saw a band called Boys named Sue. They somehow worked "lose yourself' into a hillbilly song and took some fucking hilarious artistic license with some willie nelson songs.
If there was ANY venue fit to host bubbapalooza, it's fucking Double-Wide.
Saw a band called the FlameTrick Subs on Friday night. Their singer looked and sounded a hellova lot like Ted Weldon. The standup bass player is missing a hand and plays flawless bass with his nub. Their female drummer is hot, in a Buffy Aguero cheerleader kinda way. Those guys cracked me up.
Played some cramps tunes too.

In other news, my latest Loaf is here:

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